Poor Chinese primary school child was slapped by his teacher for not finishing homework, then by 50 classmates in turn, ordered by the teacher


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Just because Little Ming had not finished his homework in time, his teacher surnamed Luo was enraged and boxed his ears, but Luo would not stop, she ordered all the 50 child students to take turns at slapping Little Ming heavily in the face. The picture of black-and-blue-faced Little Ming has drawn public indignation.

Teacher beating student and student abuse are not scarce in China, if not rampant. And poor student slapped by teacher often receives no sympathy, even from their Chinese parents. But a teacher ordering a whole class of child students to slap the face of a poor student in turn is really rarely heard even in China.

Recently the picture of a black-and-blue-faced little child student has gone wildly on Chinese internet. Just because Little Ming had not finished his homework in time, his teacher surnamed Luo was enraged and boxed his ears, but Luo would not stop, she ordered all the 50 child students to slap Little Ming heavily in the face in turn.

"The child being slapped for not finishing his homework is understandable, but the teacher ordering a whole class of classmates to slap him, can not be accepted." Little Ming's grandma Ms. Chi said to a reporter.

12 years old Little Ming (Xiaoming) is a sixth grade primary school pupil in the Nine-Year Compulsory School of Hongshan Town, Hanbing District, Ankang city of Shaanxi province. After being slapped by his teacher and 50 classmates, he wrote in his diary:

"This morning I was slaped but I do not know why some classmates laugh at me and say my face gets swollen. At first I do not believe, but after looking in the mirror, I find my face has been turnd to black blue. A child of strong self-respect will think of committing suicide. Luckily I have not strong sense of self-respect, otherwise I would be finished!"

Face was beaten black and blue

Little Ming's grandma Mrs. Chi rented a house near the school so that she can take care of her grandson. On December 11, she noticed Litte Ming hid his face with hands and did not want to say too much. When asked why he was beaten, Littel Ming said his teacher Luo was enraged to know he had not finished his homework. After slapping him in the face, Luo ordered all the 50 classmates to slap his face in turn.

Little Ming's aunt Yang Yuhui has kept the picture of him being hurt. "I took the picture of him when I got to know the affair three days later. The picture shows clearly the face of the child was beaten black and blue". Yang said to reporter.

Classmate: slapping heavily was required

The incident was confirmed by classmates of Xiaoming. And some classmates said: "some classmates who slapped lightly at first were ordered to repeat slapping the face of Xiaoming. We had no choice but to slap heavily to pass the task."

The hurt on face of Xiaoming is so severe that he has been hospitalized. Mrs. Gao, mother of Xiaoming agreed to be interviewed by the reporter but later when the reporter arrived at the hospital, Mrs. Gao abruptly refused to be interviewed. The reason is thought to be under pressure from authority.

The teacher has conducted self criticism and been suspended from teaching

An official surnamed Yang of the Hongshan Town school confirmed Teacher Luo had beaten the child student. "On December 17, Luo was asked to conduct self-criticism on a meeting attended by all faculty and she has been suspended from teaching." the official said to reporter.

The school refused reporter's request to interview Luo, citing "Luo is now under huge pressure" as the excuse. According to the school, Luo is 22 years old and has been working in the school for two years only.

Chinese netizens get furious at the teacher Luo and demand Luo be sued on child abuse

The picture of the blue-faced little child student Xiaoming has gone wildly on Chinese internet and fierce condemnation of the teacher, the Hongshan school as well as local educational officials has erupted. Some furious netizens demand a thorough investigation of the incident and Luo be fired, prosecuted for child abuse.

Following is some comments on Chinese twitter Weibo:

郭洋1983:If I were the parent of the child student, I would beat the teacher to death even I know it is illegal.

吃完抹抹嘴微博会员:The child was beaten to such a severe hurting! Has she human heart? Is she still a teacher?

高晓鑫2012:If it was student beating teacher, is it Ok enough when the student is suspended from class?

抹茶的爱恨情愁:The teacher should be prosecuted for child abuse.

In October, a kindergarten teacher named Yan Yanhong from Zhejiang province amusing herself by abusing children sparked public uproar and resulted in the arrest of the kindergarten teacher and one of her colleagues.
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