Are they government officials or actually hired mafia thugs? Watch how Tianmen city planning officials in Hubei 'enforce law' to carry out forced demolition


Chinese Society  Updated:Sun, Jun 2, 2013 22:41 PM   By Bernd Chang


Chinese Government officials allegedly enforced law violently in Tianmen city, Hubei province in central China, hiring tens of thugs to carry out forced demolition of local villager’ house and beat any trying to prevent them from doing so with bricks and sticks.

We have reported some cases of successful struggle of Chinese residents against forced demolition of their nail houses, actually the recent case in Tianmen, Hubei province, presents a truer picture of the consequences of such struggles.

"If you have never met bandits and would like to know how they look like, please rush to watch how the Tianmen city planning bureau officials in Hubei province violently enforced law. There is only something you have not imagined but nothing they dare not do. You can see sticks and clubs were flying,  bricks and stones were raining. And cars were smashed, residents were beaten wherever they went." Chinese Weibo microblogger @???? wrote on June 1, 2013.



And a post in Baidu Tieba gives more details of the incident. Following is the translation:

A violent skirmish happened in Fandian village, Tianmen city, Hubei province.

On the morning of May 29,  a group of men, all with cropped haircut, wearing white T-shirt, on which City Planning Law Enforcer was printed, drove cars, the license plates of which were covered, and suddenly appeared at Fandian village, Tianmen city. The group of men, numbered in around 100,  leveled a private house that was being built with a bulldozer, smashed five cars and beat and injured several villagers with sticks and bricks. After the smashing and beating that lasted for almost three hours, the group of men moved the bulldozer onto a heavy truck, left the scene swaggeringly along the Tianxian Road leading to nearby Xiantao city.

According to local villagers, these men were “black society” (mafia) thugs hired by Tianmen City Planning Bureau from Xiantao to enforce law. And they were not alone: present at the demolition site were also Tianmen city planning officials in regular uniform. It was seen from the scene the thugs in white T-shirt blocked the road leading to and out of the village when their bulldozer was demolishing the private houses. The men also smashed five cars nearby and beat up several old residents, who were taken to hospital later.

Police were called to the spot, who came only after the incident. When asked why they came so late by local villagers, the police chief of Tianmen Development Zone, Liang Zhilong said that even two of their policemen were injured by the thugs and hospitalized.

After the thugs left, the spot was scattered out in a mess and the target house in rubbles. The panicked house owner with blood bleeding from places of his body, shouted to the sky desperately: “The smashed car was left there intact, I will see how they will respond and I would like to see whether it is a government or a black society”?

According to some insiders, the house was ruled as illegal by Tianmen City Planning Bureau. A few days ago some officials of the bureau were beaten and injured by the house owner and his fellow villagers when they came to enforce law. To retaliate the villagers, Tianmen city planning bureau asked for help from neighbouring Xiantao city to protect them.

After the incident, an official from Tianmen public security office said to netizens that they had arrested 19 men and detained 5 of them as criminal suspects and said they would enforce law impartially concerning this incident.

The incident has sparked uproar among Chinese netizens as video of the incident goes viral on Chinese internet.

In a country where land is owned by the state or village committee while houses built on it is regarded as property of private people, the disagreement over the fate of the houses continue to be a source of conflicts between the house owners and the government and developers throughout China.

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