Savage attack in broad daylight: Chinese man beats up young woman on street, as indifferent passers-by just look on, thinking difficult in meddling in others' domestic affairs


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A group of pictures showing Chinese man beats up woman in broad daylight in Changchun have been widely circulated in Chinese internet, which has outraged most Chinese netizens. But what disappoints Chinese most is the indifference the passers-by showed when seeing the street violence.

Outsiders should not interfere in others' 'domestic affairs', this principle are applied perfectly by the Chinese state, as well as the tiny cell of the nation: the family.

A group of pictures showing a man beats up a woman in broad daylight have outraged most Chinese netizens. But what disappoints Chinese netizens most is the indifference the passers-by showed at sight of the street violence.

The street violence reportedly took place near the juncture between Dajing Road and Xisandao in Changchun, capital city of Northeast China's Jilin province.

A man in black clothes was caught loudly hurling curses at a young woman in white coat on the street. And in minutes the man, apparently getting mad at the woman, looking young at her 20s and very pretty, kicked her with full strength, slammed her to the ground, pulled her up by the hair, and kicked her repeatedly....

"Who lets you be absent from home for three months!", the man was heard shouting, giving the impression that it was husband beating wife.

It also draws attention that while being beaten up, the woman tried hard to protect her pubby pet in her arms. The woman seems to be a animal lover.

The savage attack drew around 30 passers-by to look on. Though many of them felt sympathy for the woman being beaten up, none of them tried to stop the man or called police until a passer-by surnamed Song could not control his anger in his car at sight of man beating up woman. Stopping the car on roadside, Mr. Song came up to the man.

"You as a man beats a woman in such a way! That is too much! If your couple can not live along anymore, then just depart from each other, but you should not beat you wife!" Mr. Song said critically to the man.

It seemed Mr. Song succeeded in stopping the street violence (or simple a domestic violence?), the man stopped smashing the woman for a while. But after Mr. Song came back into his car, the girl rose to her feet and started to run, apparently trying to escape. The assailant immediately followed. The two soon disappeared in the crowd. Nobody knew what would happen to the woman, nor had anyone called the police.

Some of the passers-by and onlookers thought the assailant and the victim were husband and wife. A onlooker with the surname Zhao said, "It should be a young couple, we outsiders have difficulty in interfering in their domestic affairs" (Sounds like the excuse repeatedly cited by spokesman of Chinese foreign ministry?)

But Mr. Song disagreed and expressed his anger to the indifferent passers-by, "What if they were not husband and wife by any chance? So many people just looked on. Why only I came up to stop the man! And even if they are a couple, it is domestic violence that should be stopped! It is so sad that nobody tried to dissuade the attacker!"

It is understandable that most Chinese netizens get outraged by the savage assailant, but what disappoints Chinese online population most is the indifferent onlookers who did nothing when seeing the man beating up woman.

Following are some comments from top China news portal

Tencent netizen为何用心是罪名from Shanghai: The man should die if the woman was not off the rails.

Tencent netizen 如果... : A man should not beat up a woman on street! Those beating women are either fond of violence or lack of ability to make money. Any woman friend should by any means avoid such guys.

Tencent netizen 风起时、花落 from Henan: It is awesome that the woman protected her puppy while being beaten by the man.

Tencent netizen 守候教育 from Henan province: Moyan (Name of Chinese Nobel Laureate writer) to the world, Moshi ( overlook) left in China.

Tencent netizen せ夭せ良 : The onlookers should call the police at least!

Tencent netizen 蛰伏 from Shijiazhuang: Is this the nation that often shouts to fight against Japan? They just kept looking on...

Tencent netizen 在水一方: There are many such kind of guys in Northeast China. They appear to be men, but actually they are worse than a beast.
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