Changchun quick-thinking and tough woman captures man when he jumps off 6-story apartment window, saves him    (0/4)


A suicidal man in Changchun was saved by his agile and tough wife when she grabbed him by his ankle as he jumped out of their 6-story apartment window....More

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Woman captures man,Quick thinking womana
A man was seen dangling upside down outside their 6-storey apartment window and a slight negligence of his wife who was grasping his ankle would see him dropping off and killed, Changchun, Jilin province, July 31, 2013
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Woman captures man
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By Bernd Chang

The quick-thinking Changchun woman draws nationwide applause and admiration for her swift action to save her husband life by grabbing firmly his ankle as he jumped out of their apartment window in the sixth storey.

Cool Chinese Translation has the following story translated from Chinese media:

On the morning of July 31, a woman grabbed the ankle of her husband when he tried to commit suicide by jumping off their apartment in the No. 63 residential building in Nanhu New Village in Changchun, capital city of northeastern Jilin province.

The man was seen hanging upside down outside the apartment building and a slight negligence of his wife would see him dropping off and killed.

On sight of the dangerous situation, over ten neighbors rushed to the 6th floor of the building and unlocked the door using an iron club with help of police. The man was saved as police and neighbors came in and lifted him up.

The man, 45-year-old Wang Li, is said to try to commit suicide because he has long been depressed from being unable to find enough work.

When the story becomes headlines in China, the Changchun woman, Ling Su has gained nationwide wide applause and admiration for her quick-thinking action at crucial moment.

“A tough woman! Capturing a sturdy man with only one hand!” commented a netizen.


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