Briton was beaten up by Chinese passers-by for sexually assaulting a girl publicly in Beijing


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On May 9 a Briton sexually assaulting a Chinese girl or acutally intending to rape the girl in public was beaten up by a group of Chinese passers-by. Beijing police has arrested the Briton and the case was still under investigation.

May 10, 2012, Beijing - On May 9 a video titled "Foreigner trying to rape a Chinese girl near SOGO store in Beijing was beaten up" was spreading wildly on Chinese internet. In the video, at aroung 23 on May 8, 100 meters to the south of Xuanwu subway entrance, a foreign man apprently sexually assaulted or actually intended to rape a Chinese girl in public near the SOGO department store, but was stopped by a Chinese passers-by. The two quickly started to exchange blows. But soon more Chinese came and they beat up the foreign man until police came.

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The next day the Beijing official police Weibo (Chinese Twitter) account Peace Beijing responded to the incident. "Last night, a video on Weibo gets high attention describing a drunking foreign man intending to sexually molest a woman was stopped by passers-by. We have received some inquiry and now we notify the detailed information about this incident as follows: at around 23:00 on May 8, a foreign man tried to act indecently towards a Chinese woman in public but was found and stopped by passers-by who also called the police. Afterwards Beijing police confined the man until he was sober after being drunk. We have detained the man according to law and we are interrogating him. The foreign man is a Briton holding a tourist visa. The case is still under investigation. "

So far, most Chinese netizens have expressed their anger at the Briton and their support to the passers-by that beated up the obscene Briton.

Following are some comments from Chinese news portal

calmandreasonable: Well done! The Beijingers are brave men! ??????????

??????: The Briton is more than a beast and deserves to be beaten to death. (??????????????!)

????????????: I extend a salute to the passers-by who came to help at the sight of injustice. For this incident I don't want to comment... (??????????????????????????)

?????????(123.125.*.*): I suppose the woman was willing to be raped. She grasped the cock of the foreigner. I imagine the scene in some adult video. Oh, terrific? (??????????????????????????????????????)

?????????(221.181.*.*): The first picture is the spot of light. The woman is a whore and wore pussy-high miniskirt and no bra. (?????????????????X?)
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