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A middle school in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, has sparked widespread discontent for separating boys and girls when they have meal in school canteen....More

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Separate boys and girls,Middle schoola
Boys and girls are having meal in separate areas in the canteen of Shuguang Middle School in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, January 7th, 2014. The primary purpose of the school management is said to be preventing puppy love.
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Separate boys and girls
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Separate boys and girls

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By Bernd Chang

The measure is part of the efforts of the managing staff of the Shuguang Middle School of Hohhot to further discipline the junior and senior middle school students and get them into good habit of taking meal, Xinhua reported on Monday.

Wang Li, a PhD of pedagogy in Inner Mongolia Normal University, said such practice had also happened in other schools in China and the primary purpose was actually to prevent students from falling in puppy love.

Wang Li pointed out that such kind of management was too simple and the school should take more humane measures to improve students' behavior in canteens.

The report of the school banning boys and girls from having meal together has made many netizens frown, as shown by their comments online.

A NetEase user from Lianyungang, Jiangsu: Why is a canteen made like a toilet that has separate compartment for male from female?

NetEase user zxb700688:  Can girls get pregnant after having meal with boys?

NetEase user 叉叉党是最大的黑社会: The school is encouraging same sex love! What measures will the school take if such practice appears that boy feeds boy and girl feeds girl? Will the school allocate a compartment for each student to have meal?

NetEase user 白居易: I had thought child had come out from the mother’s anus when I was a senior high school student!  How f**king the sex education is in China!


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