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In order to get attention from Chinese to its Euro 2012 program and increase its audience rating, the sports chanel of Guangdong TV Group hired sexy bikini hostess to preside the Europe weather broadcasting. ...More

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By Bernd Chang

June 11,2012, Guangzhou - The 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, or shortly referred as Euro 2012 hosted by Poland and Ukraine, kicked off on June 9 in Warsaw. In order to attain the highest viewer number, all major media in China are sparing no efforts to enhance the attraction of their program. The sports chanel of Guangdong TV Group used the card of beauty. On the evening before yesterday, sexy bikini hostess showed up to preside the weather broadcasting of European cities. Shortly a group of screenshot pictures featuring the bikini hostesses were spreading accross Chinese internet through netizens' Weibo account. Some netizens ask: "What do you want me to watch, football or breast-ball?"

The authority especially frowns at the actions of the TV group. People's Daily, the mouthpiece of communist party of China, critisized Guangdong TV group on June 12 and claimed that a true football fan would not watch beauties only.

Just after the bikini hostess get national controversy, Guangdong TV felt the pressure and changed the clothing of the hostess from bikini to T shirts on June 11.


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