Bikini girls placing dagger in between their legs called for rational patriotism in Shenzhen


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On August 21, two bikini girls and one guy each placed a dagger in between their legs as as a metaphor for fighting against Japan. Through the action art performance, the organizer aimed to call Chinese to love China rationally like them.

August 22, 2012, Shenzhen - There was a wave of anti-Japanese protests that rocked Chinese cities, including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Harbin and Qingdao, on last Sunday August 19, reacting to Japanese activists who had landed on a disputed Diaoyu Island in the East China Sea.

During the protests, some Chinese demonstrators called Chinese to boycott Japanese goods through violent actions including smashing cars of Japanese brands, storming shops selling Japanese goods and foods, etc. All the irrational and illegal conducts were widely criticisized in the world and in China as well.

On the afternoon of August 21, two days after the anti-Japan demonstrations broke out in Shenzhen, four young Chinese including two bikini girls performed action art calling for rational patriotism in front of the Xinhua Bookstore in downtown Shenzhen, causing discussion and controversy among Chinese netizens.

During the action art performance, the two bikini girls and one strong young guy wearing only his short underpants each placed one sharp dagger in between their two legs, posed for photographers and held banners saying "Please love our country in a civilized manner, please conduct rational fight against Japan", while another girl and the organizer named Zhu Zhu called through a loudspeaker for rational patriotism of the Shenzhen Chinese.

Interviewed by reporter, the organizer Zhu Zhu ?? said they conducted the action art to call the Chinese to rationally love China like them because in the last days some Chinese smashed the Japanese cars bought by Chinese customers, which was unacceptable and irrational.

Their action art performance lasted for about ten minutes before Shenzhen police took over their daggers and drove them away.

Following is the video

Literally the Chinese character ? means fight against, but the character ? can mean Japan and rape as well. So ?? can mean fight against Japan and fight against raping. With a knife in between the legs, they meaned to tell the situation that China is raped by Japan, and they were fighting against raping by Japan through action art instead of violence.

However, their action art of fighting against Japan has received by far more criticism than support among the Chinese netizens so far. Some Chinese commented the four young Chinese from Shenzhen conducted mischievous distortion in the name of patriotism. Although they called for civilized patriotism, their behaviors were even less civilized.
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