Beijing professor spends six years building an awesome villa with mountain rock and tree on roof of 26-storey apartment building; Update: to be demolished in 15 days


Chinese Society  Updated:Tue, Aug 13, 2013 05:05 AM   By Bernd Chang


A villa privately built on the roof of a residential building in downtown Beijing by a professor Zhang Biqing has been asked to be demolished within 15 days.

Chinese netizens have given the envious crown the most awesome villas of China to four houses built on roof of a shopping center in Zhuzhou city of Hunan in August 2012.

But when more such rooftop houses/villas are disclosed on internet, it appears there are no most awesome, but only more awesome villas of China.

At moment, I suppose no one will oppose when we award the most awesome villa of China to the one built by a Beijing professor on a 26-storey apartment building.

According to the Beijing Morning Post and Shanghaiist, a Professor Zhang bought the penthouse of Building B of Renji Mountain Residential Complex in downtown Beijing and took six years to build this 2-storey villa with rock garden and trees after clearing the over 1,000 square metre area.

Residents near this 26 storey apartment building thought the rocks and trees appearing on top of  Building B were part of an attraction that had been built by the developer.

But this villa will have definitely dimmer future than those rooftop houses built in Hunan.

While the rooftop houses in Zhuzhou are regarded as legal and will remain, the sky houses in Hengyang are ruled illegal but allowed to remain as long as they are not sold, this so far the most awesome villa in Beijing are ruled completely illegal and should be demolished.

Inspectors from the Beijing Chengguan (urban management officiers) had come to examine the building and interview tenants last month. "This is definitely an illegal construction, we have not taken action on it because we could not find the property owner," one official told the Beijing Morning Post.

An expert interviewed by the paper pointed to the obvious safety risks posed by the villa, not only due to the added weight but also the susceptibility of the construction to earthquakes or lightning strikes.

But ironically, the demolition of it has to go through examination and approval procedures before it goes ahead, the exact formalities that the professor avoided during construction.

Update: Professor Zhang ordered to demolish rooftop villa within 15 days

The irony exists only because the toughest officers of China were not serious in flexing their muscle.

A day after the so far Most Awesome Villa of China becomes domestic and international headline, thinking they could not be lenient any more, Beijing Chengguan Bureau rushed to Renji Mountain Residential Complex and put up a notice requiring Professor Zhang to demolish the villa within 15 days.

Professor Zhang, who is disclosed to be actually a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner with the full name Zhang Biqing, received interview from Law Evening News and said he would not bargain with the Beijing Chengguan as he did with other government authorities over the fate of his rooftop villas.

You may doubt if Zhang will keep his words, but never doubt the capability of Chinese powerful Chengguan officers.

And we will sure be able to give Zhang’s villa another title: the most short-lived villa of China.  

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