It looks like street luxury cars bumping game: Anhui father and son vent their spleen by driving Benz and BMW to bump into each other on busy city street


Chinese Society  Updated:Thu, Jun 20, 2013 09:57 AM   By Bernd Chang


On the morning of June 19, two luxury cars were caught on traffic surveillance camera bumping each other on a busy city street of Maanshan city in east China’s Anhui province. Owner of the two cars are found to be a father and son.

For most Chinese nationals, owning a car is still one of the many Chinese dreams that President Xi Jinping has introduced as new Chinese political jargon. But for those few nouveaux riches, luxury cars like Benz and BMW are just toys and tools for venting their spleen.

At around 11 o’clock on June 19, a Mercedes Benz S350 and a BMW Z4 were spotted chasing in full speed and bumping into each other with full strength at the juncture between Yushan and Junmin Road in Ma’anshan city, Anhui province in east China, Anhui News reports.

And the owners of the two luxury autos are found to be a local father and son, and they did so to vent their displeasure against each other.

The car bumping lasted for about three to four minutes, resulting in severe damage to both the luxury cars. It was the driver of the BMW Z4 that first gave up the "bumping contest" and came out and run away. The other driver came out of his Benz car shortly but failed to catch up.

“I heard loud crash noise and thought it was a traffic accident, but when I turned my eyes to the spot I found it was two luxury cars bumping into each other purposely“, a witness said to reporter.

"The two cars are both severely damaged, especially the BMW", a traffic police coming to handle the incident said.

The market price of Benz S350 in China is more than 1 million yuan and the BMW Z4 costs around 800 thousand yuan. A car maintenance worker estimats the cost to repair the two luxury autos could be up to 1 million RMB. Of course, for such rich father and son, it is nothing.

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