84 years old retiree has his gender reassigned,breasts augmented and wears women's clothing


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84 years old retired high ranking cadre Qian Jinfan from Foshan City of Guangdong has his gender reassigned, breast augmented and wears women's clothing.

84 years old man Qian Jinfan is a retired high ranking cadre in Foshan City of Guangdong province. He decides to change his gender from man to woman, eat hormone to augment his breasts and wear women's clothing.

Qian Jinfan was borned to an official family. Qian says that since childhood, he has thought he should have been a female and that he has lived for the past life in the disguise of a man and now he finally trumps up the courage to realize his dream to be a woman. He thought he could be pulished by senior officials but is surprised to find that many people around him accept his behavior. Qian Jinfan says that he does not think he is inferior to others and will never give up.

Qian Jinfan was born a man in 1928 in Zhejiang Province but has since childhood hoped to live as a female. He was a high ranking official and once worked in People's Bank of China, Foshan Painting Institute etc. He retired from Foshan Bureau of Culture, TV, Broadcasting. He cancealed his real thought until 4 years ago when he was 80 years old, when he submitted a notification to senior officials in Foshan City that he would conduct gender reassignment or sex change for himself. Since then he renamed himself as Yiling, and has kept in taking estrogen to augment his breasts and wearing female fashion.

This June is the so called LG BT Pride Month. Qian Jinfan, as the oldest double sex person in China, was interviewed by reporter, calling Chinese society not to discriminate against double sex people.

Qian Jinfan (or Yiling) was married and has children. At home, he is still husband of his wife, father of his children.

While most of Chinese netizens react rediculing his behavior, some do suport him. One netizen named 时光的角落 (Corner of time) commented on 163.com that under which condition to live in the world is of his own volition, as long as he does not infringe upon interests of others. The old man is living a free and easy life.
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