700-year-old tree secretly chopped down but too heavy to be hauled away, overturns crane


Chinese Society  Updated:Sat, Nov 16, 2013 09:08 AM   By Bernd Chang


A 700-year-old tree in village in Sichuan province that was secretly chopped down but too heavy to be hauled away, overturned crane, which was hailed by as inviting nemesis.

A local timber trader brought with his workers and secretly felled down a 700-year old tree in a Nanmu village, Bingchuan town, Shifang city, Sichuan province, and then when they tried to haul away the tree with a crane, the tree was so heavy that it overturned the crane, Ifeng.com reported Friday.

The tree was there before the first villagers moved from else where and named their village after the tree: Nanmu. With the age of more than 700 years, the tree has been regarded as the talisman of the Nanmu village by the villagers.

The talisman was no more there as a group of thieves (possibly not but who had gained consent from the officials of the village as some netizens pointed out) took a whole night to chop it down with electric saw.

But the tree with 30 meters in length and 2.4 meters in diameter, seemed reluctant to leave the village it had guarded for several hundred years: It turned over the crane that tried to lift it up and the arm of the crane pulled down crashed a house below it.

Chinese netizens have overwhelmingly expressed anger and grief over the death of the ancient tree and hailed the overturn of the crane as nemesis invited by what the thieves had done.

QQ user 征服: Without village officials’ consent, who had dared to chop ancient tree at the gate of the village committee? Actually they are accomplices!

QQ user 家有仙仙: They are bastards and wastrels! The tree is what the ancestors left for the offspring, you chop it down as soon as you want to! Execute these bastards by shooting!

QQ user 桂强公司: The old tree was the god, now it is dead, you brigands are bound to be punished in the end! Great, you have received the nemesis that you deserve.


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