5 of 7 family members killed in car crash on way of bringing kid to register with university


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Happiness turns to tragedy in seconds: Horrible car crash between a minibus carrying seven family members and an oppositely driven car claimed lives of five of the family and severely injured the other two. The traffic collision happened early Saturday morning in Zizhong County of Sichuan Province.

September 2, 2012, Chengdu - Five of seven members of a family including a child were killed when the minibus carrying the family bring their proud kid to register with university was smashed into by an oppositely driving car on Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway early Saturday morning in Zizhong County, Neijiang City of Sichuan Province in southwestern China. The other two and the driver of the car were severely injured.

September 1 is the usual date in China when schools enroll new students and reopen to old students and pupils after the two-month long summer holiday. It is especially a happy day for those admitted to good universities after 12 years of hardworking in primary and middle schools.

19 years old Hu Xiaoqin had expected the date for registration with university for a summer. She was enrolled by Neijiang Normal Institute and would major in phycology. This institute is not an elite university in China, but since only one fifth of her peers have the chance to study in a university, Hu Xiaoqin as well as her entire family were very satisfied with the result.

Early Saturday morning, Hu Xiaoqin's uncle drove his minibus to take her to her university several hundred miles away. Happily accompanied included her parents, grandma, and wife of her uncle and their child, making the total number to seven that were on the vehicle.

But happiness turns to tragedy only in seconds.

The horrible traffic collision happened at around 9 o'clock, when an oppositely driven black car suddenly smashed open the seperation fence of the expressway and right into their minibus that failed to brake within seconds. The two vehicles were both seriously damaged. And when firefighting team came to the spot 50 minutes later, five of the seven family members were found already dead and the other two females and the driver of the black car were taken to hospital in Zizhong County.

The car crash claimed lives of Hu Xiaoqin's uncle and aunt and their child, her father and grandma. Hu Xiaoqin was moderately injured and her mother was still in critical condition. The driver of the car, 26 years old Zhang Ping was luckily only moderately injured.

The black car driver Zhang Ping told local reporter when he was awaken that the car he drove was borrowed from his friend that morning and the rain disturbed his judgement resulting in his losing control of the car. Local police has ruled out the possibility that Zhang Pin drunken drove.

Awaking from the coma after the accident, the first words Hu Xiaoqing spoke were "help me to ask for leave from the university".

The university officials said they had already known the tragedy that their freshman student Hu Xiaoqin encountered and they would come to see her as soon as possible.
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