The 5th Zhengzhou Sex Culture Festival features S&M show    (0/8)


Nosebleeds and pocketpool abounded yesterday at the Zhengzhou Sex Culture Festival in Henan, as onlookers snapped pics and ogled beauties modeling the latest sadism and masochism (S&M) and Lingerie fashions. ...More

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Sex culture festival,sadism and masochisma
Sadism and mosochism show at the 5th Central China Sex Culture Festival taken place in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan Province.
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By Bernd Chang

April 28, 2011, Zhengzhou - The fifth Central China Sex Culture Festival took place at the China International Exhibition Center in Zhengzhou, capital city of Henan Province. On the sex culture festival, aside from sex tools, sex arts and adult toys, what drew most audience was the nosebleeding lingerie, sadism and masochism or S&M performance.

The Sex Culture Festival looked to be a precarious balancing act between education and objectification, and included a variety of erected exhibits that we could really get behind: featured booths offered sexual health products, body painting sessions, pole dancing performances, lingerie modeling and the titular S&M Fun Show.

The bold performance surely sparks controversy among Chinese. On one of the three most popular Chinese news portal,, most of the Chinese netizens comment negatively of the Zhengzhou sex cultural festival.

Yuejun: Feel nauseated! What on earth is sex culture festival? A women sitting on the back of a man is just called culture?

Fuxiaoxiaoxianzi: Body is open, thought is closed, there are too many abnormal, and birds and beasts are everywhere.

Tongyanwuji: Fuck! Propagating this kind of rubbish only impairs the society. This country can only produce something abnormal besides toxic products.

Fengfugen200: I have seen sex, but I can not find where is the culture?


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