Supporters of Kim Lee, wife of Crazy English founder Li Yang, protest against domestic violence


Chinese People  Updated:Sat, Aug 11, 2012 07:34 AM   By Bernd Chang


On the day when the devoice lawsuit of Kim Lee, the American wife of Crazy English founder Li Yang, was heard for the third time in a Beijing court, supporters of Kim Lee protested against domestic violence in front the court.

August 10, 2012, Beijing - Supporters of Kim Lee, the American wife of Crazy English creator Li Yang 李阳, protested against domestic violence in front the Beijing court which was hearing the devoice lawsuit filed by Kim against her husband.

It was the third time the court heard the devoice lawsuit of Kim Lee. It was planned that it was the last court session of the devoice lawsuit and afterwards the two parties would wait for the verdict of the court. In front of the court, a group of volunteers and supporters of Kim Lee was holding banners calling for rule of law and against domestic violence. Li Yang, the Crazy English founder, when interviewed, said "But I am happy to play the role of domestic violence perpetrator and sacrifice my image to propogate the idea of opposing domestic violence. I think I do well in handling family relationship and I treat my wife well."

Li Yang is a Chinese educator and language instructor. He is the founder of Crazy English, an unorthodox method of teaching English. He claimed to have taught English to more than 20 million people in a decade. Li Yang accumulated a huge fortune through his english teaching schools and he is a very prominent success story of modern China. However, Li Yang fell in trouble since August 2011, when he was acused of beating his American wife Kim Lee in front of their daughters.

Causing a storm in China, Kim Lee, 40, with her revealing of the beating of her Chinese husband on her, also become immediate celebrity in China and the centre point for millions of women inflicted with domestic abuse.

Using her Sina Weibo account, which is the Chinese version of Twitter, Lee posted pictures of a ferocious beating she received at the hands of Li Yang on August 30, 2011. Li Yang apologized to Kim and his daughters through his microblog in September but it could not prevent Kim Lee from filing for divorce in October 2011.
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