Xinhua publishes profile of Xi Jinping, including his old pictures, information about his early life and family members, hailing him as a man of the people, statesman of vision


Chinese People  Updated:Mon, Dec 24, 2012 21:52 PM   By Bernd Chang


Xinhua published a detailed profile of Chinese new top leader on Sunday. The profile of Xi Jinping is accompanied with some rarely seen old pictures of him, of his family members including his wife Peng Liyuan, his daughter Xi Mingze, his father Xi Zhongxun and his mother Qi Xin.

China’s incoming president Xi Jinping was shaped by his “unique experiences as an ‘educated youth’”, state news agency Xinhua said in a profile that was accompanied by a lengthy photo gallery of the General Secretary of CPC in his early years.

One and a half month after the China's fifth generation of leadership was inaugurated, China's state run news agency Xinhua opens a special column, broadcasting profiles of the most powerful seven members of China: Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Zhang Dejiang, Liu Yunshan, Yu Zhengsheng, Wang Qishan, Zhang Gaoli. The official broadcasting will give Chinese public a chance to know more about the men that will rule China for the coming decade.

Profiles of Xi Jinping was broadcasted on Sunday. Different from in eras of the last four generations of Chinese leadership, the profile of the new top leader of China, accompanied with lengthy photo gallery of himself and his family, contains much more information of the leader than previous reporting.

Chinese, for the first time since the founding of People's Republic of China, are allowed to know of the family members and view some old unpolished pictures of their leader. In the profile, the early life of Xi Jinping and some rarely seen old pictures of him are revealed. In the past, Chinese can only access this kind of information of Chinese top leaders through oversees media.

The new style of publishing profiles of the leaders, has been welcomed by some Chinese as showing more openness and transparency.

As it should be, the Xinhua broadcasting aims to promote and eulogize the new leader, only in a more acceptable manner instead of the rigid preaching style as in the past.

The Sunday broadcasting of Xinhua, titled "Xi Jinping: Man of the people, statesman of vision", sought to depict Xi, the son of former vice-premier and Communist revolutionary hero Xi Zhongxun, as a “man of the people” who survived hard times in a village in northwest China’s Shaanxi province. It also covers his time as party secretary of Ningde and Fuzhou, in Fujian province, and recounts a time he visited coal miners underground in Zhejiang province – “walking more than 1,500 metres along a narrow and inclined shaft”.

Xi Jinping married Peng Liyuan, a Chinese folk song singer, who had long been more famous than her husband before he was selected to be successor of Hu Jintao in 2007, and they have a daughter named Xi Mingze, who is now studying in Harvard University under a pseudonym.

Xinhua also released on Sunday a profile of China’s next premier Li Keqiang, calling him “a man who puts people first”.
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