Former Chinese official of statistical bureau accuses foreign missions conducting charity sales in China as shameless, refuted by Belgian consulate, condemned by Chinese netizens


Chinese People  Updated:Tue, Dec 11, 2012 09:04 AM   By Bernd Chang


He Keng, former Chinese chief of statistical bureau accuses foreign missions conducting charity sales in China as shameless. Belgian consulate responds they have nothing to be ashamed of and Chinese netizens overwhelmingly condemn the remark from the top Chinese official.

To accusation of former Chinese top official of state statistical bureau that the charity sales of foreign diplomatic missions in Guangzhou was shameless, Belgian consulate in Guangzhou responded through Weibo on Monday:

First, the charity sales activity was organized by Guangdong foreign affairs office and all the goods were donated by Belgian companies.

Second, the products of charity sales were sold at manufacturing price instead of market price.

Third, all the profit (more than 7000 RMB) we made through the charity sales was donated by us. All our colleagues attended the activity on Saturday just for charity. We should not feel shame for what we did. It is the 5000 counterfeit money that China should be ashamed of.

Chinese used counterfeit money to buy charity goods of foreign diplomatic missions in Guangzhou

A group of foreign diplomatic missions in Guangzhou conducted charity sales activity to help disabled Chinese children and they raised 330,000 RMB in whole. But to their disappointment, some Chinese took advantage of the weakness of foreigners in identifying counterfeit Chinese money, and bought some charity goods with 5000 RMB of counterfeit money. Just korean general consulate received 800 RMB.

Just when Chinese netizens overwhelmingly criticize the Chinese using counterfeit money to buy charity goods and some even label them as shameless, He Keng (贺铿), former chief of state statistics bureau, fought back and accused it was shameless of the foreign missions to conduct charity sales activity in China!

"The purpose that the foreign diplomatic missions conducted the (charity sales) activity is just to humiliate us Chinese! Does China just lack of the 330,000 RMB? It is the foreign missions conducting charity sales that have no sense of shame." He Keng tweeted on his Weibo on Sunday.

The remark of such a top Chinese official has sent shock wave in Chinese internet. Online comments have seen overwhelming sharp condemnation of the former chief of state statistical bureau of China.

梵高遛狗不挑品种: Everyone is brain-disabled due to lack-of-humanity education. Measuring humans by his beast heart, he thinks he is in the right!

流氓小亨: China has been ashamed of fake money, do not come out to lose your face, OK?

操场哥: Why does the SB (idiot) not think he has not lost enough face?

十一铜表: What kind of organization is the state statistical bureau? For fabricating data?

It is not the first time that He Keng gives bombarding remark

He Keng has been a controversial figure since years ago for making bombarding remarks. In Dec. 2009, as vice director of state statistical bureau, said in an interview that he could not afford a house based on his own salary. Although many Chinese were unhappy with the ceiling high property price, most of Chinese netizens did not believe his allegation that he could not afford a house.
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