Eating 8 meals, 5 kg of rice per day, Chinese teenage girl suffering from mysterious disease places an intolerable burden on her adoptive father


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Eating 8 meals, 5 kilogram of rice per day,15-year-old Chinese teenage girl suffering from mysterious disease places an intolerable burden on her adoptive father. According to a local health official, the girl suffers from metabolic disorder, but the real cause of disease is till unknown.

To stuff the stomach, a human need to eat 8 meals, 10 jin (5 kilogram) per day! It is not hearsay. For 15-year-old Chinese teenage girl Xiang Shiyu (向世余) from Yunyang of Chongqing Municipanity, it has long been her daily life. Her large stomach surprises her classmates and teacher, and places an intolerable burden on her adoptive father Xiang Mingtang (向明堂). The father has brought his daughter to see doctors several times, but so far the exact disease his daughter suffers from remains unknown.

Mysterious disease: Chongqing teenage girl need to eat 8 meals per day, consuming 10 jin of rice

The father Xiang Mingtang is a villager of Yaochang Village, Shangba Town, Yunyang County, Chongqing Municipality. His 15-year-old daughter Xiang Shiyu was found left on a roadside just after birth by her parents. Xiang Mingtang decided to foster the baby considering he was a single man and would have an adult to depend on when he become old. He named the baby girl as Xiang Shiyu.

The daughter began to take on a trend of easily becoming hungry at the age of 5. During the last 10 years, her symptom has aggravated but only very slowly, although she always need more food than her peers. But since last October, her appetite has grown gigantic. Currently Xiang Shiyu is 1.5 meters tall and 36 kilogram in weight. According to Zou Bangxiang, the sister-in-law of Xiang Mingtang, Xiang Shiyu need 10 jin (5 kilogram) of rice and at least eat 8 meals every day.

Her appetite equals that of 10 adults: the sick teenage girl places an untolerable burden on the family

"For one meal of her, I have to prepare one electronic boiler of rice", said Zhou Bangxiang (邹帮香), "Her appetite is equal to that of 10 adults". From morning to evening, Xiang Shiyu need to have meal for every 2 hours.

Besides getting hungry easily, Xiang Shiyu appears to be tired and sleepy all the time. “After having meal, she starts to sleep and others are not able to wake her up", said Zou Bangxiang.

Xiang Shiyu has suspended her schooling since last October.

Yaochang where Xiang Mingtang lives is a remote village of Yunyang county. Most of the villagers live on farming. The single father Xiang Mingtang was poor from the beginning. To feed his hungry daughter and treat her mysterious disease, the father has fallen in heavy debt for years, but the difficult time does not appear to end soon.

Strange: the cause of disease is still unknown after 10 years of repeated visit to hospitals

Although Xiang Mingtang said he has brought his daughter to see doctors in township hospitals for several times, which usually lack of skilled experts and advanced equipments for diagnosing and treating diseases, the disease his daughter suffers from is still unknown. Lack of money is the only reason why he did not bring his daughter to more advanced hospitals.

According to doctor Zeng Qingguo of the Shangba Township Healthcenter, who has been responsible for diagnosing and treating Xiang Shiyu's disease for a long time, the problem of Xiang Shiyu lies in the dysfunction of her stomach, "Xiang Shiyu excretes all those she eats in 10 minutes," said Zeng Qingguo. But due to the limited healthcare conditions of the hospital, Zeng Qingguo admits he has not found what real disease the teenage girl suffers from.

After the story of the poor father and his sick daughter was reported by a local newspaper, Xu Feng, the health bureau chief of Yunyang said the disease of Xiang Shiyu is a rare one and his initial judgement is that she suffers from metabolic disorder. "We will hold group consultations of doctors to diagnose and treat her disease and we hope we will help cure her", added the health offcial.
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