Muckraking journalist ‘invited to have tea’, anti-corruption heroine detained, more high ranking officials involved in Chongqing sex scandal still at large


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Famous independent Chinese muckraking journalist Zhu Ruifeng who publicized the obscene sex video tape of Chongqing official Lei Zhengfu, which led to dismissal of 11 local officials so far, finally saw him in trouble with the authority.

Chongqing is a metropolis city located in China’s southwest while Beijing is in the north. But the 1000 kilometers of distance could not prevent Chongqing police from inviting Beijing resident Zhu Ruifeng to “have tea” as China’s transportation infrastructure has improved remarkably during the last decade.

On Sunday night, Mr. Zhu posted five messages on his Weibo account asking for help from netizens, one of the messages read:

“I am still in the house, five police are standing outside and refuse to leave. I say to them 'I will go to the police station that has jurisdiction over here by myself, you can not stand in my way at the door. You are sure coming from Chongqing. I would rather be sent to prison for Lei Zhengfu and his peers and I have been ready for that. I am Beijing citizen, you should ask the chief police Zhao Yang of Deshengmen Police Station to contact me. I will go with you as soon as he comes. Otherwise I will not open the door even if you crush the door.' Netizens please help to retweet this message! ”

The tweets of Zhu Ruifeng raised alarm among Chinese netizens. Within hours his posts had been retweeted hundreds of times. And the safety of Zhu Ruifeng became hot topic in many forums, with most of the comments criticizing the conducts of Chongqing police and calling for Chinese authority to protect whistleblowers.

“A righteous man that dares to expose the dark side! I admire you! “ commented Netease netizen 正义的炽天使.

”This is an abnormal country where justice can not defeat evil. It is easy to turn black to white as long as you are a member of the group of nested interests”, commented Netease netizen 风之利刃33.

“I suppose he will be in danger”, commented a Netease netizen.

“We hope to have more heroes that dare to confront the influential officials”, commented Netease netizen jqjieqi.

Zhu Ruifeng invited to “have tea” with Chongqing police in Beijing

According to the report on, the Chongqing police confirmed on Monday that had visited Zhu Ruifeng at his home in Beijing and “invited him to have tea” (a euphemism widely used in China hinting being interrogated by police) in the Deshengmeng Police Station.

Chongqing police said a special police investigation team found that the Lei Zhengfu sex video was transferred to Zhu Ruifeng by Xu Duqing, a member of the Chongqing sex video extortion ring led by Xiao Ye. Both Xiao Ye and Xu Qing have been arrested.

„In order to thoroughly investigate the sex video extortion ring led by Xiao Ye and help the anti-corruption cause, our investigation team have contacted Zhu Ruifeng with the help of Beijing police according to law for checking and gaining the testimonies” a Chongqing police said.

“Zhu Ruifeng said on internet that he still holds some obscene sex videos of other officials in addition to Lei Zhengfu. According to certain regulations and laws, Zhu is obliged to cooperate with the police in submitting the evidence”, added the police.

On Sunday, Chongqing police tried to enter into Zhu Ruifeng’s home in Beijing but was refused and after three hours of negotiation, the police left and Zhu promised to appear at the Deshengmen Police Station in Beijing the next day.

At around 10:00 on the morning of Monday, Zhu Ruifeng, after issuing a statement on his Weibo that if he lost his freedom he would authorize He Weifang (a prominent Chinese law professor) as his law-counselor, entered into the compound of Beijing Deshengmen Police Station, accompanied by his lawyers,.

After seven hours, Zhu left the police station at around 5:30 on the afternoon. Zhu said he refused the police’s demand that he submit the evidence and tell of his informer, whom he should protect with life.

"Chongqing sent two policemen to Beijing, one is a technician. They asked me for the testimony and they pointed out clearly what they wanted is just the original files in my memory stick. Actually they did not intend to take the evidence, but to find out my informer through technical analysis of the files. So I can not submit the original files to them." Zhu told local Jinghua Times.

More high ranking Chongqing officials are at large

Beibei district party chief Lei Zhengfu was fired within days after the sex tape showing Lei had sex with a woman in a hotel was exposed by Zhu Ruifeng in November 2012.

On Friday, January 26, 2012, another 10 Chongqing party officials and executives of state-owned enterprises were anounced to be fired. Many of the 10 officials held a rank similar to Lei Zhengfu.

But Zhu Ruifeng said on Monday after “having tea” in the Beijing police office that he did have sex videos involving more high ranking Chongqing officials that are not included in the 11 fired officials.

“I will check the videos carefully. As long as they prove to be iron testimony, I will surely publicize them”, Zhu said.

Zhu Ruifeng was also very unhappy with the Chongqing police. “Their main purpose (in interrogating me) is just to find out and arrest my informers, otherwise it is difficult to understand why they brought a police specifically responsible for collecting informational evidence”.

Whistleblower is Chongqing police

Zhu also negated police account that Xu Duqing of the sex video extortion ring was his informer.

"Xu Duqing did give me one sex video involving a high Chongqing official when I interviewed him. But more of my evidence was from a whistleblower in the Chongqing police offices", said Zhu Ruifeng.

On Tuesday 29th, Zhu said he had totally seven sex videos involving Chongqing officials, and among the videos, only one was offered by Xu Duqing, all the other six videos were provided by internal police informers.

Zhu said he had ascertained another Chongqing high ranking official that was filmed by Zhao Hongxia, and it is Sun Lida, the board chairman of state-owned Chongqing City Investment Group.

And since Sun Lida is a low profile man and seldom takes photos in public, Zhu Ruifeng has publicly offered a reward of 1000 RMB for each picture of him so that he can compare him with the man in the sex video and transfer the video to an "iron testimony".

Zhao Hongxia, the anti-corruption heroine in eyes of Chinese netizens, has been detained

According to a report dated 27 January from Qilu Evening News, Zhu Ruifeng told reporters that Zhao Hongxia, the woman that had sexual tryst with at least 6 Chongqing officials, had been “controlled” by police.

Reporters did not find Zhao Hongxia at her home in Yubei district of Chongqing. According to neighbors in the same residential complex, they had not seen Zhao Hongxia for a couple days. Those acquainted with Zhao said she is extremely beautiful.

Using young women as bait, Chongqing businessman Xiao Ye and two other accomplices lured at least a dozen Chongqing officials into a “honey trap”. They secretly videotaped them having sex with the women. Xiao then demanded the officials grant him lucrative government contracts.

Besides Zhao Hongxia, two other women Zheng Moulin and Tan Moulin were hired as sex baits. But Zhao proved to be the most successful with at least six high ranking officials of Chongqing including Beibei district party chief Lei Zhengfu had been lured to her bed and filmed secretly having sex with her.

Since the official announcement that 10 officials were sacked from their posts as district party chiefs, director of key government departments and executives of state-owned companies, Zhao Hongxia has become the most searched name in Chinese social media with many hail her a anti-corruption heroine of China.
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