After Lei Zhengfu, 10 more high ranking officials sacked as investigation of Chongqing sex scandal expands; Prostitute hailed as anti-corruption heroine


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A sex video extortion scandal involving officials having sex with women hired by developer who secretly filmed the trysts to extort construction deals broadened Friday, as 10 more high-level Chongqing officials after Lei Zhengfu have been fired.

The 10 officials should have had no sense of the thought that they could be toppled down by a pretty, lovely and apparently powerless girl when they stripped off her underwear in hotels.

Meanwhile, Zhao Hongxia, the girl from rural Chongqing that directly led to the dismissal of the 11 officials including the first jinx Lei Zhengfu becomes overnight internet celebrity (notorious or heroic, who cares?) across China.

These officials include party and government officials as well as executives in state-owned companies. They are not tigers, nor flies. In China's state power hierarchy, most of them are only subordinate to the party chief or top post of the southwestern metropolis of Chongqing.

Following is the list of the fired 10 officials:

Peng Zhiyong, party chief of Jiulongpo District.

Fan Mingwen, party chief of Bishan County.

Han Shuming, government chief and vice party chief of Changshou District.

Ai Dong, county mayor and vice party chief of Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County.

Luo Dengyou, vice party chief of Discipline Inspection of Transport Department.

Xie Huajun, board chairman and party chief of (state-owned) Chongqing Machine & Electricity Group.

Zhou Tianyun, board chairman and party chief of Chongqing Real Estate Group.

He Yubo, board chairman and party chief of Chongqing International Trust Co., Ltd.

Luo Guang, board chairman and vice party chief of Southwest Stock Co., Ltd.

Li Zhiguang, vice general manager of Chongqing City Building Investment Group Co., Ltd.

The Chongqing sex scandal firstly broke out in November, 2012 when a sex video recorded 5 years ago went viral online of the 54 years old Lei Zhengfu having sex with a young woman. Within days, Lei Zhengfu was fired from his post as Communist Party chief of Beibei district.

Meanwhile, the Chongqing sex scandal has evolved into a sex video extortion scandal

Zhu Ruifeng, a former journalist, is the man that released the first sex tape in last November, but it was China’s Southern Metropolis Daily that gives a more detailed account of the political scandal on January 23th, 2013 that jolted Chongqing.

Using young women as bait, Chongqing businessman Xiao Ye and two other accomplices Yan Peng and Wang Jianjun lured at least a dozen Chongqing officials into a “honey trap”. They secretly videotaped them having sex with the women. Xiao then demanded the officials give him lucrative government contracts.

In order to improve their business conditions and gain more contracts in the profitable government projects, Xiao Ye and his partners hatched the honey trap and even they were surprised to the successful outcome of netting in nearly a dozen high local officials.

Zhao Hongxia proved to be a very alluring woman

Three young women were hired as the bait, and they were Zhao Hongxia in the name of Zhou Xiaoxue, Tan Moumei in the name of Zhang Dan and Tan Moulin in the name of Tan Lin. Zhao Hongxia was born in 1982, Tan Moulin was born in 1986 and Zheng Moumei in 1987.

Zhao Hongxia was the backbone of the baits and it is she that shot having sex with Lei Zhengfu in the virally circulating sex video. At least six officials have slept with her and filmed by her.

Interested in how the honey trap worked? Then keep on.

Xiao Ye managed to find a contact information list of the major party and government officials of Chongqing.

Zhao Hongxia sent messages to mobilephones of the officials on the list one by one, saying she had met with the official in a banquet as an employee of the locally famous Huayu Real Estate Co., Ltd., and expressing her desire to “keep contact” with the official. If the official did not reply, Zhao would send message again blaming him for forgetting her in a spoiled way. If the official did reply, Zhao would flirt with the official using words or her sexy photos.

With the “professional guidance” of Xiao Ye, Zhao Hongxia succeeded in gaining trust from some of the officials. After certain period of communication, Zhao Hongxia would have chances to date with the officials in luxury hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, or in Starbucks. Some officials would even give her expensive gifts.

When their relationship was “close enough”, Zhao Hongxia would invite the officials or be invited to have sexual tryst in hotels. Although the officials usually would not spend the whole night with Zhao, the micro camera hidden in the bag that Zhao brought to the hotel room would successfully shoot the entire sexual process.

If the secretly filmed video was not so clear, Zhao Hongxia would arrange tryst with the official in another time with the guidance of Xiao Ye, until the sex video was clear enough to be used as evidence. Then Xiao Ye would draw up the net and “catch adultery in the act” in the next sexual tryst of Zhao and the official.

The secret shoot was usually done by Zhao Hongxia, the job of catching adultery was done by the men. During a happy sexual tryst in a hotel room, suddenly there sounded the knock on the door. Wang Jianjun, Yan Peng and a man named Xu appeared in the room. Wang Jianjun, getting outraged to see “his girlfriend Zhao Hongxia being slept” by the official, would rushed to the official and beat him. In the meantime Yan Peng, saying he was a private detector, showed the sex video in front of the official. And Xu claimed he was a member of a mafia gang. Usually the officials were appalled under such assault, and would ask for reconciliation when showed the sex video. Then Xiao Ye, the “big brother” of Wang Jianjun, was invited to the spot, to appease the terrified official. After getting promise to cooperate on business, the men would let the official go.

Six high level Chongqing official have been filmed and caught on spot having sex with Zhao Hongxia in hotels

“Luring, shooting secretly, and catching adultery on spot” is a traditional and simple honey trap, but few of the much older officials could resist such a pretty and coquettish girl like Zhao who submitted herself on her own will. Within a year, Zhao trapped as many as a dozen high ranking officials of Chongqing into her bed.

Lei Zhengfu, as district chief of Beibei at the time, was filmed secretly to have sex with Zhao Hongxia in Lanjian Hotel on Feb. 7, 2008, then was caught on spot in Jianyuan Hotel.

Fan Mingwen, as vice executive district chief of Jiangbei at the time, was shot to have sexual tryst with Zhao Hongxia in Yutong Hotel in August, 2008, then was caught on spot in November 2008 in the same hotel.

Luo Guang, as government vice secretary and director of Finance of Chongqing at the time, was filmed to have sex with Zhao Hongxia and Zhang Dan respectively in Shishang Hotel in Guoling, then one month later he was caught having sex with Zhao Hongxia on spot in the same hotel.

Han Shuming, as district chief of Hechuan at the time, was filmed to have sexual tryst with Zhao Hongxia in Jianyuan Hotel, then was caught having sex with Tan Lin in the same hotel.

Li Zhiguang, as vice general manager of state-owned Chongqing City Building & Investment Co., Ltd. and board chairman of state-owned Chongqing Realestate Co., Ltd. at the time, was shot to have tryst with Zhao Hongxia in Donghe Garden Hotel in March 2008, then was caught to have tryst with Zhao in the same hotel in April 2008.

Peng Zhiyong, as director of Education Department of Chongqing at the time, was filmed secretly to have sex with Zhao Hongxia in September 2008, then was caught to have adultery with Zhao in Little Swan Hotel in Feb. 2009.

Xiao Ye’s business grew exponentially

Before 2008, Xiao Ye and Yan Peng had been struggling to make their company Chongqing Hualunda Apparel Co., Ltd., to be profitable, which was registered with a capital of 1 million RMB in 2005.

In early 2008, Xiao Ye gradually shifted his business from unprofitable clothing industry to much more lucrative city building projects which are usually controlled by the government. But gaining contracts from government is not easy job if you have no close guanxi (relationship) with government officials. This is also the reason why Xiao Ye and his partners decided to plot the honey traps to control important government officials.

Shortly after Xiao Ye held the obscene sex video of Lei Zhengfu in hand, he registered a new company named Yonghuang Industry Co., Ltd. which was engaging mainly in building projects, in Beibei District of Chongqing. And later he registered Yonghuang Group which included three companies: Yonghuang Industry Co., Ltd. was a new company; Yonghuang Investment Consulting Co, Ltd. was renamed from Chongqing Hualunda Apparel Co., Ltd.; and Yanhuang Trading Co., Ltd. was bought from a Beibei-based company that engaged in city building projects.

Lei Zhengfu-governed Beibei district became the springboard of Xiao Ye’s Yonghuang Group to prosperity.

Public data showed that Yonghuang Industry Co., Ltd. had gained contracts of city building projects in Beibei district in three consecutive years. Some of the contracts were worth 10 or more than 10 million RMB and profits could be up to 20% of the total contractual value.

By 2012 the Yonghuang Group had a registered capital of 51.68 million RMB, meaning a 5000% increase from before 2008 within three years.

Extortion ring arrested, officials involved in sex scandal got promotion during Bo Xilai's era

The Beibei district party chief Lei Zhengfu was aware that he would be always in shadow of trouble with his obscene sex video hold in others’ hands, so he confessed his sexual trysts with Zhao to “major leaders of Chongqing”. And Wang Lijun, the then police chief of Chongqing and aide of powerful political star Bo Xilai, was responsible for investigating the incident. Wang assigned the task to his trusted subordinate Guo Weiguo. Guo led a police team and went to Xiao Ye’s Yonghuang Group, closed down his company, seized the sex videos, and arrested him. Xiao Ye was in 2009 sentenced to suspended sentence. He was put in prison in November 2009 and was released in June of 2010.

Both Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun were informed of the investigation result but the Chongqing police did not handle the officials involved in the sex videos. The case was suspended.

The careers of the six officials that were filmed having sex with women were not affected. Several actually got promoted after 2009. Lei Zhengfu was promoted in June of 2010 from district chief of Beibei to party chief; Peng Zhiyong was promoted in December 2010 from director of Chongqing educational department to party chief of Jiulongpo district, etc.

Zhao Hongxia: A mistress, a prostitute or an anti-corruption heroine?

Zhao Hongxia has become the most widely searched term on Sino Weibo as well as Beidu on Friday when the news became headline in Chinese media that the 10 officials of Chongqing were sacked due to involvement in the Chongqing sex-tape extortion scandal.

Is Zhao actually a mistress of officials or just a prostitute hired by Xiao Ye? That is actually not important for the Chinese netizens, who have been enthralled with the girl who fascinated so many high ranking local officials within such short period of time and eventually led to their loss of jobs.

Born in 1982 in a poor rural family from Changsha Town, Kaixian county, Chongqing Municipality, Zhao Hongxia has not much to boast of except her beauty. With a egg-shaped face, willow-leaf alike eyebrows, phoenix eyes, black and long hair, a slender and tall figure and white skin, Zhao is a beauty to every Chinese standard. And her character --- lovely, naughty, coquettish adds to her charm.

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, Zhao Hongxia left her hometown at the age of 15 to study in a technical secondary school. But she found it hard to find a job after graduation. She worked temporarily as stewardess in hotels and ticket seller in public transportation companies, as nurse in hospitals, and even joined a multi-level marketing company in Guangxi.

In 2007, Zhao Hongxia got acquainted with Xiao Ye who was married through introduction of a friend. Shortly Zhao became the mistress of Xiao and later that year she joined Xiao’s company.

Taking advantage of her irresistible physical beauty and behaving lovely and coquettish before her preys, Zhao Hongxia proved to be the trump card of Xiao in netting the lecherous old men who possessed huge state power.

According to Southern Metropolis Daily, Zhao has been married with one child but could not be reached.

On Friday, Chinese netizens were discussing the scandal on Weibo, China’s twitter-like service, with many hailing Zhao Hongxia as anti-corruption heroine of China.

@小虫君: Haha, sister, the party mother owes you a lot! You were using your body to help the party in the anti-corruption campaign.

@杜芝富:【2013 China moved by——Beauty Zhao Hongxia】A girl from Mountain City (of Chongqing), melon-seed like face, phoenix like eyes, tall, slender, coquettish, lovely. She has not been registered with any government institution or state-owned company, she was not given financial subsidy, nor fixed office, but she entered deeply into the nests of wolves, sacrificed herself for the nation, shouldered the difficult but important task of anti-corruption. She fought in the front and captured and toppled down 11 bureau-level officials. We suggest nominating Zhao Hongxia as the woman that has moved China in 2013 and granting her the Pillar of China award!

@瓦壶天水闲看经: A girl from the countryside used her own body as weapons to capture 11 guns (a euphemism for male genitals) including that of Lei Zhengfu, Peng Zhiyong, Fan Mingwen, Luo Guang, Han Shuming, Li Zhiguang etc. Zhao Hongxia provides new idea on how to fight against corruption, although this idea is a little too yellow…How many anti-corruption bureaus do you think Zhao is equal to?
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