Peng Liyuan, China's glamorous new First Lady, returns to center stage, as 'Liyuan style' becomes new fashion trend

Peng Liyuan,First Lady

Having spent the previous five years in the shadows of her husband, Chinese new President Xi Jinping, folk-singer-turned-first-lady Peng Liyuan has returned to centerstage as something of a global style icon on her first official state visit.... Read More

Chinese People | Mar 27, 2013 AM | Related China Pictures:Peng Liyuan

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Shen Jilan

Democracy with Chinese characteristics: 84 yrs old Shen Jilan elected deputy to NPC for the 12th time; Never cast a ‘No' vote in 60 years of service as lawmaker

84-yr-old Chinese woman Shen Jilan (申纪兰) became the only person in China to be elected a record 12 consecutive times as member of the National People's Congress (NPC) or parliament on Wednesday January 30. Read More

Chinese People | Feb 2, 2013 PM | Related:Shen Jilan

Zhu Ruifeng

Muckraking journalist ‘invited to have tea’, anti-corruption heroine detained, more high ranking officials involved in Chongqing sex scandal still at large

Famous independent Chinese muckraking journalist Zhu Ruifeng who publicized the obscene sex video tape of Chongqing official Lei Zhengfu, which led to dismissal of 11 local officials so far, finally saw him in trouble with the authority. Read More

Chinese People | Jan 29, 2013 AM | Related:Zhu Ruifeng

Chongqing sex video Extortion scandal

After Lei Zhengfu, 10 more high ranking officials sacked as investigation of Chongqing sex scandal expands; Prostitute hailed as anti-corruption heroine

A sex video extortion scandal involving officials having sex with women hired by developer who secretly filmed the trysts to extort construction deals broadened Friday, as 10 more high-level Chongqing officials after Lei Zhengfu have been fired. Read More

Chinese People | Jan 25, 2013 AM | Related:Chongqing sex video Extortion scandal

Yi Junqing

Mistress proves to be key player in China's anti-corruption mechanism; Top Marxist theorist and party think tank official fired after mistress exposes their affairs online

Yi Junqing, a top Marxism-Leninism theorist leading an important party think tank, has been removed as director of Central Compilation and Translation Bureau, after his post-doctoral mistress Chang Yan exposed their affairs online one month ago. Read More

Chinese People | Jan 18, 2013 AM | Related:Yi Junqing

Xi Jinping

Xinhua publishes profile of Xi Jinping, including his old pictures, information about his early life and family members, hailing him as a man of the people, statesman of vision

Xinhua published a detailed profile of Chinese new top leader on Sunday. The profile of Xi Jinping is accompanied with some rarely seen old pictures of him, of his family members including his wife Peng Liyuan, his daughter Xi Mingze, his father Xi Zhongxun and his mother Qi Xin. Read More

Chinese People | Dec 24, 2012 AM | Related:Xi Jinping

Chen Guangbiao

Controversial Chinese philanthropist Chen Guangbiao showcases money hill stacked with 100 million RMB to inspire invention and innovation

Shortly after a group of pictures showcasing a money hill get public attention, Chinese tycoon and controversial philanthropist Chen Guangbiao received interview, saying that the money hill was worth 100 million RMB and he would lash out 230 million RMB to encourage invention and innovation among Chinese youths. Read More

Chinese People | Dec 21, 2012 AM | Related:Chen Guangbiao

Charity sales

Former Chinese official of statistical bureau accuses foreign missions conducting charity sales in China as shameless, refuted by Belgian consulate, condemned by Chinese netizens

He Keng, former Chinese chief of statistical bureau accuses foreign missions conducting charity sales in China as shameless. Belgian consulate responds they have nothing to be ashamed of and Chinese netizens overwhelmingly condemn the remark from the top Chinese official. Read More

Chinese People | Dec 10, 2012 AM | Related:Charity sales

Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping: From 'sent-down youth' to China's top leader and core of the fifth generation of Chinese collective leadership for the coming decade (2013-2022)

Xi Jinping (习近平) is the new top leader of China. He was appointed as general secretary of CPC at the 18th Party Congress, chairman of the Central Military Commission and will be Chinese president in March 2013. Xi Jingping, son of the veteran revolutionary hero Xi Zhongxun, married Chinese folk song singer Peng Liyuan and they have a daughter called Xi Mingze. Read More

Chinese People | Nov 11, 2012 AM | Related:Xi Jinping

Mysterious disease

Eating 8 meals, 5 kg of rice per day, Chinese teenage girl suffering from mysterious disease places an intolerable burden on her adoptive father

Eating 8 meals, 5 kilogram of rice per day,15-year-old Chinese teenage girl suffering from mysterious disease places an intolerable burden on her adoptive father. According to a local health official, the girl suffers from metabolic disorder, but the real cause of disease is till unknown. Read More

Chinese People | Nov 6, 2012 AM | Related:Mysterious disease

Sanitation worker

Annoyed by woman littering on street, Chinese environmental sanitation worker cuts off her finger

A Chinese woman in Zhuzhou of Hunan was asked to pick up the trash she threw about and when she refused, the city sanitation worker cut off her finger. Chinese netizens' opinions are divided on the behaviors of both the victim and offender. Read More

Chinese People | Nov 5, 2012 AM | Related:Sanitation worker

Crazy English

Supporters of Kim Lee, wife of Crazy English founder Li Yang, protest against domestic violence

On the day when the devoice lawsuit of Kim Lee, the American wife of Crazy English founder Li Yang, was heard for the third time in a Beijing court, supporters of Kim Lee protested against domestic violence in front the court. Read More

Chinese People | Aug 11, 2012 AM | Related:Crazy English


Renowned Chinese writer Bingxin's tombstone tarnished by her grandson

Tombstone of famous Chinese writer Bing Xin was recently tarnished by her grandson, Wu Shan, with red paint-written graffiti complaining the couple, Bing Xin and her husband Wu Wenzao, for 'educating the son (referring to Wu Shan’s father Wu Ping) in an improper way.' Read More

Chinese People | Jun 5, 2012 AM | Related:Bingxin

Lai Changxing

Ex-fugitive Lai Changxing sentenced to life in prison for leading $4B smuggling network

Lai Changxing, once considered China’s most-wanted fugitive, was sentenced to life in prison for smuggling and bribery in a corruption case that shocked the world and involved a decade-long extradition fight. Read More

Chinese People | May 18, 2012 PM | Related:Lai Changxing

Sports cars

Sports cars club formed by rich second generation take shots for high-profile promotion in Zhejiang

Super sports cars Club 'G-CLUB' formed by 'Rich Second Generation' take shots for promotion on May 11, 2012 in Dongyang City of Zhejiang Province. The club has more than 20 luxury sports cars including brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari and Mercedes Benz. Read More

Chinese People | May 12, 2012 PM | Related:Sports cars

Bikini Festival

The 2nd Ten Thousand Bikini Festival Takes Place in Nanning

The 2nd Ten Thousand Bikinis Carnival takes place in Nanning. Read More

Chinese People | Apr 30, 2012 AM | Related:Bikini Festival

Corpse processing

Mysterious human corpse processing factory in Dalian exposed

Von Hagens Dalian Plastination Ltd is specialized in human corpse processing and biological plastination. The company dessects, dehydrates, reshapes human body corpses and the final products are human specimens which can be stored for a long time. Read More

Chinese People | Apr 29, 2012 AM | Related:Corpse processing

Sex culture festival

The 5th Zhengzhou Sex Culture Festival features S&M show

Nosebleeds and pocketpool abounded yesterday at the Zhengzhou Sex Culture Festival in Henan, as onlookers snapped pics and ogled beauties modeling the latest sadism and masochism (S&M) and Lingerie fashions. Read More

Chinese People | Apr 29, 2012 AM | Related:Sex culture festival

Chinese Gay

Chinese gays try to get attention by kissing publicly in Guangzhou

April 2, 2011, Guangzhou - 6 Chinese gays hugged and kissed each other on street in Guangzhou. They said they did so in order to get social attention. They also held up banners cal Read More

Chinese People | Apr 3, 2012 AM | Related:Chinese Gay

Sister Feng

Sister Feng handed out dating flyer in New York

Sister Feng is a Chinese internet celebrity who is ridiculed for her unappealing looks and strange antics. Her real name is is Luo Yuefeng (Chinese: 罗玉凤 ; Pinyin: luō yùfèng). Read More

Chinese People | Feb 3, 2012 AM | Related:Sister Feng

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