Watch:1940s Hollywood movie Dragon Seed starring Katharine Hepburn and portraying heroic Chinese anti-Japanese war goes viral in China


Chinese History  Updated:Sat, Jun 1, 2013 06:14 AM   By Bernd Chang


Dragon Seed, a movie starring Oscar superstar Katharine Hepburn that was produced in Hollywood in 1940s to portray Chinese heroic resistance against the Japanese invaders, has gone viral in China.

The typical anti-Japanese war films and TV dramas produced in China are never lack of the following scenarios: brutal Japanese soldiers are fond of killing Chinese men and raping Chinese women, the country is ruined, families are broken apart, but there are always brave Chinese, who exhibit their enormous courage, patriotism, intelligence, and persistence and in the end defeat the invaders and liberate the nation.

But when a movie includes all the typical scenarios, it is not necessarily filmed by Chinese producers.

A classical film that portrays the heroic Chinese resistance against Japanese army has gone viral in Chinese internet, shortly after it was dug out by some Chinese netizens. Interesting and surprising to many Chinese, this movie was produced by American producer.

The name of the movie is Dragon Seed. Starring  Oscar superstar Katherine Hepburn, it was shot by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) in Hollywood in 1944. Based on a best-selling book by Nobel prize winner in literature Pearl S. Buck, the film portrays the lives of a small Chinese village that are turned Upside down when the Japanese invade it. And a heroic young Chinese woman Jade (played by Katherine Hepburn) leads her fellow villagers in an uprising against Japanese Invaders.

Getting bored with domestic anti-Japanese war films and dramas that have occupied the screen for the last several to 60 years, especially at the time when even the propagandists in Beijing are frowning upon the more and more ultra-natural, unrealistic and over-entertaining tendency of these pictures, Chinese netizens are surprised to find there are films that reflect more to the reality, to the humanity and do not portray the humans as either friend or enemy even in an absolutely justified war against invaders.

In Dragon Seed, there are brave fighters, but also cooperators, cowards and traitors. Especially different from China made war films, Dragon Seed emphasizes more on the sufferings a war imposes on the people and the desire of the ordinary people for freedom and peace, but not eulogizing the leaders and the patriotic, heroic, justified war against invaders, and instigating the hatred to the enemy.  

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