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A bizarre-shaped building in Guangzhou earns the name Toy Bricks Building because it looks like being piled up with building blocks....More

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The Toy Bricks building in Guangzhou has drawn wide attention in China, September 27, 2013.
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By Bernd Chang

As the Guangzhou Copper Coin Building is almost finished with construction, another bizarre building has been recently discovered by some alert netizens, who name it as Toy Bricks building.

The Toy Bricks Building, located within the Pazhou Exhibition Business area in Haizhu district of Guangzhou city, earns this name because it looks like being piled up with two dozen toy bricks when observed in the distance.

Anyway, although Guangzhou has many bizarre-shaped buildings, it is not a convincing contender to Beijing where just the People’s Daily new headquarters, the Giant Penis, dwarfs all of its group of bizarre buildings.


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