A collection of China's top Tuhao Gold - plated buildings


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Here let us have a look at the top tuhao gold plated buildings of China voted in by Chinese netizens.

Tuhao, a new term that has become very popular on Chinese internet, originally means local lord, now means more as uncouth rich and is being used mostly to mock China’s nouveaux riches.

As gold is what China’s Tuhao like most and usually what only Tuhao are able to afford, the golden color has gained a popular name tuhao jin (tuhao gold).

While  tuhao is a derisive term that refers to the rich who like luxurious products, tuhao gold is more pejorative which implies vulgar, garish and ugly.

Here let us have a look at the top tuhao gold plated buildings of China voted by Chinese netizens.

The top position is without any controversy occupied by the Giant Penis shaped new headquarters of People’s Daily, China’s top propaganda machine. In early October 2013, the phallus shaped building was noted to be gold plated. The fact that the final color of the building would not be tuhao gold as revealed by its chief architect can not prevent Chinese netizens from voting it as the top tuhao jin building of China.  

Headquarters of Guangzhou Plastics Trading Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou, Guangdong province has gained a nickname as Copper Coin building, which will definitely be gold.

The Globefish Statue plated with 7000 pieces of copper-gold alloy is a 44 meter broad, 62 meters tall and 90 meters long sculpture that made its debut on September 21, 2013 in Yangzhong Garden Expo in Yangzhong city, Jiangsu province.

The "Gold Brick" building in Haian: the gold plated building standing on the west side of the People's Plaze of Haian county, Jiangsu province.

The "Gold Pants" building in Shenyang: located in center of Tiexi district of Shenyang, Liaoning province, the double buildings looking like the alphabet H if viewed from the front, like a pair of gold pants if viewed from the sides.

Kunming Changshui International Airport has a gold plated terminal.

The 328-meter tall Longxi Hotel (nicknamed Gold Hotel) was invested by villagers of and built in Huaxi Village in Jiangyin city, Jiangsu province, China's richest village.

The mini or Shanzhai China Pavillion (of the 2010 Shanghai Expo) built in Yangrenjie (Foreigners' Street) in Chongqing.

Jinmao Junyue Hotel in Shanghai: The bird's view of the lavish, golden, resplendent hall from the 54th floor is totally impressive.

Lin Shi-Rong, chairman of Hong Kong based Hang Fung Jewellery Technology Group, has built a gold toilet which should be a favorite of some Chinese tuhaos.

[Images via NetEase.com]
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