Shanzhai Giant Yellow Duck sprouts across mainland China


Chinese Art  Updated:Wed, Jun 5, 2013 10:53 AM   By Bernd Chang


The successful story of the 16-meter tall Giant Yellow Duck installed in Hong Kong has inspired an imitation fever across mainland China, as many property developers in Chinese cities rush to install similar but smaller yellow ducks to attract potential customers.

From brand name handbags to smart phones, as claimed by some critical Chinese netizens, it appears true that there is nothing Chinese can not successfully imitate except the western democratic system.

"The world famous Giant Yellow Duck has arrived in Wuhan". The promotion slogan of real-estate developer Country Garden Wuhan subsidiary prompted many city residents to rush to have a look at the duck, only to find that it is not the original  giant yellow duck, but an imitated or Shanzhai mini yellow duck.

The Wuhan-version yellow duck was installed on June 1st in a property project of Country Garden in Wuhan. It has similar appearance as the original Giant Yellow Duck in Hong Kong, but with a height of an adult human, this Shanzhai (knock-off) yellow duck is much smaller, local Changjiang Daily reports.

As to the copyright of the yellow duck,  the manager of Country Garden’s Wuhan subsidiary declined to comment on whether the duck was an authentic installation by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, but insisted that there was no copy right problem.

But Mr. He Hua, a deputy professor from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, said to Changjiang Daily that the giant yellow duck is copyright protected and that Country Garden can manufacture one only when they get permission from the copyright owner Mr. Hofman.

Country Garden is not the first to introduce a yellow duck model in promotion campaigns and definite not the last one in making Shanzhai Giant Yellow Duck in mainland China. Similar rubber ducks have sprouted in many other cities including Hangzhou, Foshan, Wuhu, Dongguan, Wuxi, and Tianjin, etc.

On May 31, property developer Tianjin Fuli Jinmen installed a six-meter tall rubber “Giant Yellow Duck” on the surface of an artificial lake in a residential complex in Tianjin.

On May 31, a six-meter tall, 5-meter wide giant yellow duck appeared in the Chongqing Olympic Park, attracting children to visit free of charge.

On May 31, a six-meter tall yellow duck “landed” on the Qingchun Plaza in Hangzhou, attracting many joyful children to take group pictures with it.

Also on May 31, a property developer in Hangzhou installed a yellow duck on a yacht to attract customers.

And more are expected to come since the cost of making a Shanzhai rubber duck is much lower than creating the first one.

A salesman in a Guangzhou manufacturer of inflated rubber models told the Changjiang Daily that a 3-meter tall yellow duck model costs around several thousand RMB while a 6-meter tall one costs to about ten thousand.

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