Yin and Yang harmony between key CPC mouthpieces: People's Daily new headquarters hailed as best match of the CCTV Big Underpants building


Chinese Art  Updated:Sat, May 4, 2013 22:42 PM   By Bernd Chang


Looking like a giant penis, the futuristic but somewhat bizarre building of People’s Daily new headquarters has been mocked on Chinese social media as good complement for CCTV Big Underpants for perfectly embodying Chinese philosophical Yin-Yang concept.

As one of the key mouthpieces of communist party of China, the People’s Daily usually makes news for its readers, but now it becomes the news for Chinese media.

Pictures of the People’s Daily new headquarters that is under furnishing at the moment have gone viral on Chinese social media. One of the picture taken by a netizen from a special angle on April 11 when the top part of the building was framed with construction racks makes the construction look like a colossal human male genital.

Just have a look at them and see why they enjoy such popularity.

People’s Daily (人民日报) has long been called Raping People Daily (日人民报) by some Chinese netizens for (allegedly) chronically misleading the people with false reports. It was understood that the propagandists in Beijing do not like this nickname, but that they chose the bizarre design of the new headquarters reveals that it may not necessarily be so.

Hailed as best match to CCTV Big Underpants for embodying Yin and Yang theory

The new building of People’s Daily falls within the 3rd ring road in Beijing, inside the central area of the Beijing Central Business District (CBD), and in alignment with the famous CCTV (China Central Television) headquarters, another key mouthpiece of CPC.

The most important principle of the traditional Chinese philosophical Yin and Yang theory is that a yin-yang harmony is achieved and maintained to ensure stability and prosperity. When the propagandists in Beijing chose the design of People’s Daily new headquarters, they should have considered the Yin-Yang theory, accroding to analysis of some Chinese netizens.

As the CCTV headquarters nicknamed as Big Underpants plays the role of Yin (negative, female) with large hole under the “two pants”, the People’s Daily new headquarters are the Yang (positive, male). The two key mouthpieces of CPC are really perfectly embodying the traditional Yin-Yang concept.

The 'people's daily new headquarters' building was designed by Professor Zhou Qi (周琦) of Southeast University School of Architecture. Zhou won the design competition between at least four architecture firms in 2009.

According to Professor Zhou Qi, the design philosophy revolves around the moral philosophy of “Round sky and square earth”, by using a computer model the building starts off round and gradually turns into a 3D two-sided shape, and forms a parallel with the rectangular base. Finally the top of the building form a triangular word “人” (People), associated with the theme of the People’s Daily.

As one of Beijing’s skyscraper buildings, the 100,000 square-meter construct is projected to be completed in 2014.

Giant Penis or Shanzhai BurjAl-Arab?

After successfully naming the CCTV headquarters as Big Underpants, Chinese netizens have rushed to name the new People’s Daily headquarters.

Previously the candidate names for the new building included electric iron, Shanzhai (山寨, fake) BurjAl-Arab in Dubai, penguin, and stinkpot. But now after more pictures of the building circulated on the internet, it seems the name giant penis gains common consensus among Chinese online population.

As chief designer Professor Zhou Qi has said to reporters that he refused to give a name for the People’s Daily new headquarters and he actually does not care whatever others will name it, you can also suggest a name for the Beijing propagandists.
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