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A video clip showing a pretty and hot girl wearing few clothes performed pole dancing on Wuhan subway goes viral in China, criticized as disturbing public traffic order....More

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This picture accompanying with the video show a pretty and hot girl is performing pole dancing using a iron pole in the carriage on the newly opened-up Wuhan subway line 2.
Gong Yuefei

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By Bernd Chang

A strong and thin iron pole and a level ground are the only two necessary conditions for pole dancing. Subway carriage proves to be the best free stage for pole dancers in China. Besides, it never lacks of audience in crowded Chinese subways.

A video clip showing a pretty and hot girl wearing few clothes performed pole dancing on Wuhan subway that opened for traffic just a month ago, goes viral in China.

The video clip along with several photos uploaded onto Weibo on January 11, Friday have been retweeted for tens of thousands of time within two days.

The video clip lasting for 67 seconds is believed to have been filmed by a subway passenger with mobile phone. In the video, a pretty girl with long hair, at the age of about 20, wearing only T-shirt, short pants and long boots in freezing cold Wuhan winter, began to perform pole dance using an iron pole in the subway carriage as soon as she got on, without caring the curious and surprised passengers beside her.

The video clip is accompanied with several photos also apparantly shot by mobile phone. Wuhan subway line 2 was just opened to traffic just one month ago in the capital city of central China's Hubei province.

An official of the Wuhan subway management told a reporter from local newspaper Chutian Jin Bao that performing pole dance on subway to express individuality is not approved or invited (if not forbidden), and this kind of behavior disturbs normal traffic order.

The reporter also finds that a pole dance club in Wuhan had organized pole dancing on subway in Wuhan when the subway line 2 was on a routine trial run. On December 24, netizen 只是树洞而已 posted a thread on a forum claiming "Wuhan sees new fashion tide. Later, it won’t be uncommon to see pole dancing on the subway."

A nightclub activity mostly considered the domain of strippers and NSFW in the west, pole dancing — but with clothes kept on — is nudging its way into the mainstream Chinese exercise market, with increasing numbers of Chinese girls try to find every place to exercise pole dancing.

And it is not the first time that pole dancing was seen performed on Chinese subways. In October 2010, a woman performed pole dancing on a Shanghai subway in order to "look for a pure guy to marry".


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