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Architects in Hainan are building their own phallus-shaped construction to rival the People's Daily new Headquarters....More

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Haihang International Plaza will be the tallest building and new landmark of Haikou.
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By Bernd Chang

People’s Daily will not be complacent of its new headquarters any more, as China’s southernmost province Hainan is building an even more powerful and colossal phallus-shaped building in the commercial center of its capital city Haikou.

The building under construction is a major property project of Hainan Airlines Group. It is officially named Haihang (Hainan Airlines) International Plaza and located at the intersection between Binhai Avenue and East Shibao Road in the CBD area of Haikou.

The 54-storey Haihang International Plaza with the height of 249.7 meters will be the tallest building of Haikou city and Hainan province as well.  With a total construction area of 210,000 square meters, housing five-star hotels (Hilton Hotel), 5A office, and high-end shopping mall, the building will become the new landmark of Haikou city.

As major structure of the Haihang International Plaza has been finished and the building enters into its final stage of outer wall decoration, residents in Haikou are suddenly aware that their incoming new landmark looks like something special, oh, no, it is like a giant penis!

"It is the tallest building of Hainan and will be the new landmark, but the shape of it is too peculiar, kind of creepy", a resident Mr. Chen said to a reporter from CRI Online.

While some residents think the building too glaring and even unpleasant, others think it is not surprising at all to build a bizarre building in the shape of a male genital, since the People’s Daily new headquarters is also in this special architectural style.



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