College student's tree hole painting catches a national sensation, and media call it brightens dull winter


Chinese Art  Updated:Sat, Mar 2, 2013 19:31 PM   By Bernd Chang


Wang Yue, a senior at Dalian Industry University and talented Chinese girl, uses her paintbrush to turn ugly tree holes into lovely views in Shijiazhuang, capital city of Hebei Province.

Wang and her companions call the tree-hole paintings "meitu," which means "beautiful journey." The paintings on the trees along the Jiuzhong Road, Shijiazhuang, Hebei provicne, have brightened the city during the cold, dull, grey winter.

The tree hole paintings were bachelor degree works of Wang Yue (王月), as well as her cultural project of renovating imperfection and creating "meitu". The shy little raccoons, cleaver squirrels, lovely kitten peeping outside through holes, and beautiful landscapes, have formed a fairytale world in Shijiazhuang.

The tree hole paintings have made Jiuzhong Road a turist attraction of Shijiazhuang. Tens of thousands of urbanites of Shijiazhuang as well as commuters from nearby cities are rushing to the street to view the picturesque art created by a young talented girl. Appreciating the tree cave paintings, almost all the spectaculars marvel at Wang Yue's creativity of transforming the usually ugly tree caves into stunning beauty.

Even the state serious news channel China Central TV (CCTV) broadcasted Wang Yue and her tree cave paintings. Famous CCTV Moderator Xu Zhuoyang said Wang Yue has moved the winter with small love and brightened the city with a artistic landscape full of creativity.

Wang's paintings have touched not only the Shijiazhuang residents and audience of traditional media, but also netizens across the country after some of the artwork was posted on the internet. Many have praised her as an "angel," and some say they hope she can paint every tree hole.

Wang says she will continue to paint tree holes to make Shijiazhuang more colorful.

Wang Yue was a native of Shijiazhuang and now studied at Dalian Industry University in Northeast China's Liaoning province.
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