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A Buddha statue, seemingly having sex with a naked female sculpture, is seen in a pub named Yanyu in popular tourist resort Lijiang, criticized as blasphemy against Buddhism....More

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The Buddha statue erected in a pub in Lijiang, Yunnan province, looks like having sex with a naked female sculture, drawing much criticism from Chinese society.
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By Bernd Chang

Located in southwestern China’s Yunnan Province, Lijiang as one of the most popular tourist city of China, is famous for being a place of romance and fling. The pub is named Yanyu (胭雨, homophonic to 艳遇, meaning romantic experience or having a fling) to echo the fame of Lijiang and attract business, according to Mr. Lin, manager of the pub. 

The Buddha sculpture with a height of 4 meters, has been called by tourists as Fling Buddha, Buddha having romantic affairs, Buddhas having sex, Double-Buddha.  It was said to be built at a cost of multimillion RMB.

Promoted by the pub as bringing good luck especially in marriage and romance, the Fling Buddha statue has drawn many visitors to come to have a look at, to touch and to worship.

In a country where Buddhism is one of the major religions, it is well known among the Chinese people that Buddha practices stringent asceticism. As pictures of the double-Buddha statue spread across Chinese internet, a majority of Chinese netizens have commented critically of the pub, saying the statue is blaspheming Buddha and Buddhism.

@今生无悔 from QQ.com : It is blaspheming deities. The boss will invite nemesis  and it is only a matter of time.

@ 親噯哒_/~↘莪們结緍 from QQ.com:  They will be punished in the end for destroying Chinese traditional beliefs to such an extent.

A Netease user from Wuhan:  China has no bottom line of morality! A slogan rings in my ears: Make you crazy before let you disappear.

Netease user  朝鲜共和国总书记金正恩  from Hebei: The Buddha can act so recklessly! China appears to be hopeless!

To the online criticism, the manager of the pub,  Mr. Lin,  defended their action of establishing the Buddha sculpture. According to him, he had the Buddha statue built in India and shipped to Lijiang before opened his pub in April 2013. The name of the Buddha is Happy Buddha (欢喜佛) originating from the Tibetan Buddhism. The male Buddha represents law, the female Buddha represents intelligence.

So “it is inappropriate to look at the statue in a worldly way”, said Mr. Lin to a reporter from Yunnan.


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