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Recently, an uncompleted building in Hangzhou looking like a giant liquor barrel has drawn public attention....More

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The concrete structure of the Baijiu Barrel building was erected ten years ago in Hangzhou but remains undecorated ever since.
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By Bernd Chang

Shanghai residents may be proud of their artistic building Riding Boot, Beijing has Giant Penis and Big Underpants, Suzhou is famous for its Long Johns, Hangzhou, the capital city of prosperous coastal Zhejiang province, should have led the bizarre building construction race for a wide margin of ten years.

But Hangzhou comes last in the race because its works for competition named as the Big Liquor Barrel by Chinese netizens remains an unfinished building for ten years.

According to Chinese netizens’ revelation, the major concrete structure of the Liquor Barrel (Baijiu Tong, or alcohol barrel) building had been finished ten years ago, but ever since, it remains as an uncompleted building there without any decoration.  

However, most of Hangzhou residents may not care about the title for a single architecture since they have an entire town --- the Mini Paris to brag about.

Let’s take a close look at the Baijiu Barrel of Hangzhou.


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