Sky houses supported simply by pillars appear on rooftop of three-storey building in Dongguan    (0/3)


Two houses supported simply by pillars appear on roof of a three-storey building in Dongguan, called by netizen as castle in the air or sky houses. Chengguan rules them as illegal construction....More

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The 'castles in the air' only connect to the underlying three-storey monsion in the rear while other parts of them are supported by ten concrete pillars.

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By Bernd Chang

We once gave the envious crown the most awesome villa of China to the four rooftop villas in Zhuzhou, Hunan, and then to the Beijing rooftop villa with mountain rock built by a professor Zhang on a 26-storey apartment building.

But when more and more such rooftop houses are discover in one after another cities across China, it seems there is no most awesome villas but only even more awesome houses built on roof of another building.

The newly discovered rooftop houses are the two built on a three-storey building in Dongguan, Guangdong province.

Look at them more closely and you may agree to name them more precisely as sky houses as they are supported simply by concrete pillars.

The sky houses are discovered firstly by a netizen @汉默准将0769 who posted pictures of the houses on his Weibo account on September 9th.

A reporter from Guangzhou based Xin Kuai Bao (New News Express) rushed to Shijie Town, Dongguan city and noted that the sky houses have been newly decorated. The total structure is made of two parts, the lower part is a three-storey grey mansion while the upper part are two houses, which are simply supported by a dozen concrete pillars which are several meters tall, making the two houses look like castle in the air.

When rooftop houses in China are not discovered and widely reported, they can remain even they have long been ruled as illegal construction, as illustrated by the fate of the Beijing rooftop villas that are under demolition.

Chengguan in Dongguan told reporters on September 10th  that the houses were there for several years but they were not built in accordance with design submitted for approval, so they are illegal construction and “Chengguan will deal with them according to law”.


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