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Chinese netizens reveal that a luxury public cemetery built in suburb of Wuhan city in central China is so grandiose that even the real Temple of Heaven in Beijing is outshone....More

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Temple of Heaven,Shanzhaia
The Temple of Heaven is actually called Di Gong (Palace of Earth) used for placing ashes box of the dead in the Wuhan cemetery themed park.
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By Bernd Chang

Chinese netizens have revealed a group of pictures taken in rural Xinzhou district of Wuhan city in central China’s Hubei province. In the pictures, among a group of Forbidden City alike architectures, two high buildings look like a Temple of Heaven.

And all the architectures are just part of a cemetery. Incredible? But they are.

Reporters from Hubei Daily drove 80 kilometers from downtown Wuhan to the Wangji village in Xinzhou district where the luxury public cemetery is located. Two Shanzhai Temple of Heaven among other antique architectural style constructions are visible far from the area.

An area of about several hundred acres has been walled for building the cemetery. Within the wall the project is still being constructed.

A worker in the construction site told reporters that it is not a private tomb, but a public cemetery that is being built by a company introduced by the local government.

The formal name of the project is Wuhan Jinhui Heaven Eco-Cultural Cemetery, a project of real estate developer Wuhan Jinhui Heaven Eco-Culture Co., Ltd.

The so called Temple of Heaven (Chinese: Tian Tan) is actually called Di Gong, literally meaning Palace on Earth or Underground Palace. There are two Di Gongs respectively located in the south and north of the cemetery themed park. Each Di Gong has an internal height of 40 meters divided into three stories used for placing urn of the dead.

Outside the Di Gongs, there is a 4-Guanyin statue modeled on the South-Sea-Guanyin statue erected in Sanya, Hainan province.

According to company staff, the entire cemetery themed park occupies an area of 400 acres and the total area of structure is about 130,000 square meters. The project costs 803 million RMB and as many as 130,000 urns can be placed when it is finished.

(via Cool Chinese Translation)


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