Qingdao beaches covered with massive algae bloom provides a rare chance for Chinese beach-goes to view the grassland that is usually available hundreds of kilometers away


China Scenery  Updated:Fri, Aug 2, 2013 08:46 AM   By Bernd Chang


Qingdao beaches covered with massive algae attracts Chinese vacationers to view green grassland instead of enjoying the cool in sea waters. Avoiding mention of water pollution, officials talk more about making use of the natural resource.

Qingdao is not only famous for its beer but also for its many beaches that line this picturesque coastal city in Shandong province, east China.  But in summers since 2008, when travelers go to Qingdao, they may mean to see the green grassland instead of surfing and swimming in the beaches.

And this year, the opportunity to enjoy the green is especially good as Qingdao News reported that this year the algae growth is even more flourishing on Qingdao beaches than 2008. 

The unusually massive algal growth has attracted many vacationers to the beaches to enjoy the green waters that look like grassland, which they usually have to view by traveling hundreds of kilometers away to Inner Mongolia in north China. 

However, most of others that regard sea beach as the place for surfing, swimming and cooling themselves are stunned by the phenomenon and refuse to go into the mass of seaweed on the green beach even when the temperature has risen record high at 37 ? in Qingdao.

The massive algae growth covers about 28,900 square kilometers, twice the largest algae bloom on record, which occurred in this area in 2008. 

As indicated by many Chinese netizens, the excessive algal growth is very likely to be caused by industrial and living pollutants pumped into the Yellow Sea, making the coastal area of Qingdao abundant in nutrients and providing perfect environment for the alga (Enteromorpha prolifera) to proliferate massively.

Chinese officials are used to talking about making the country green, but the Qingdao officials appear to dislike the greening of originally blue beaches. Li Qun, party boss of Qingdao, call the whole city residents on a tough war against the excessive algae. And the government has mobilized bulldozers to remove around 7000 tons of seaweed from the beach. 

However, as to the reason of the blooming algae, Qingdao authorities try every effort to avoid mentioning pollution, instead they attribute the phenomenon to the rising temperatures, tide direction and wind blowing. 

Since the algae proliferation has nothing to do with water pollution in the eyes of the government, what the Qingdao officials are talking about is not reducing pollution to change the situation from the root cause, but transforming the trash into treasure, as is known that the algae is edible and can be used as natural fertilizer after dried.

The Qingdao News quoting party boss Li Qun as saying:

We should enhance the opinion guidance and always promote positive propaganda. We should let the society get to know out efforts of dealing with the algae and our achievements in making use of the natural resource.

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