Qingdao property owners put up banners on residential building in protest against planned forced demolition    


More than a dozen apartment owners hung up anti-demolition banners on outer wall of a residential building in Shibei district, Qingdao city, Shandong province. ...More


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Forced demolition,Protest

By Bernd Chang


The conflict between property owners and developers or local governments doesn’t appear to happen in a lower tempo after Xi took over the top post of China. We see such a disturbing moment again, this time in Qingdao, Shandong province.

More than a dozen apartment owners of a residential building on the Dengzhou Road in Shibei District hung up banners on outer wall of the building and shouted slogans with loudspeakers in protest against forced demolition planned by local government.

The banners in the above photos read:

District chief Zhang Jie, how dare you conduct illegal and forced demolition of our apartments? Is this the livelihood and wellbeing you offered to our common citizens? (张杰区长你凭什么违法暴力拆迁,这就是你给老百姓的民生?)

Government of Shibei District wants to demolish our 10-year-old new building through scams and violence. (市北区政府欺骗,暴力,违法强拆我们十年的新房)

We ask to see district chief Zhang Jie. (要求见张杰区长)

We demand government of Shibei district ensure residents have normal access to water and electricity supply and stop such bad practice as destructing supply of water, electricity and gas, sealing doors, forcing locks and fouling the area with pooping! (要求市北区政府保障居民正常用水、用电,停止破坏水气电、堵门、撬锁、拉屎等恶劣行为)

According to a online post, the residential building on No. 58 of Dengzhou Road was in shape in 1999. As early as in 2011, Shibei district government drafted plans to demolish the building to make way for a so called Qingdao Bier Culture & Leisure Commercial Center.

But residents in the building were apparently reluctant to move away or were not satisfied with the compensation the government offered.

According to some protestants, the local government has got impatient to the two-year long stalemate between the two sides and stepped up efforts (intimidations and harassments) recently to force the apartment owners to sign demolition contract with the government. It is even heard that thugs once broken in some apartments and smashed furnitures.

Forced demolition,Protest
The building on No. 58 Dengzhou road in Qingdao that was finished in 1999 was marked as "To be demolished" (拆), drawing protest of the residents.
Forced demolition,Protest
Forced demolition,Protest
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