More than a dozen snail buildings packed under a bridge approach in Guiyang    


More than a dozen residential buildings are packed in the room under a bridge approach in Guiyang. Residents living in the apartments of the snail buildings have been enduring terrible noise, shaking, as well as wall cracks for more than a dozen years. ...More


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Snail apartment,Bridge approach,Snail buildings
The Shuikoushi Bridge is part of the key transportation route of Guiyang City. Under the bridge approach stand more than a dozen snail buildings which are home to more than 100 local households.

By Bernd Chang


August 15, 2012, Guiyang - Under the 300 meter long bridge approach of the Shuikoushi Bridge of Guiyang, capital city of southwest China's Guizhou Province, stand more than a dozen residential appartment buildings, which are called by Chinese netzens as snail buildings. The gap betwenn the roof of most of the snail buildings and the concrete of the bridge is less than 1 meter.

The Guiyang Shuikoushi Bridge is the express highway of Guiyang City going eastward and it is part of the fast motorway to Longdongbao Airport of Guiyang. In early 1990s, a highway development and building company of Guiyang expropriated some land of the Pantaogong village to build the Shuikoushi Bridge. As a compensation, the room under the bridge was allowed to build appartments for the local residents that originally owned the land usage right (Chinese laws stipulate the state is the property owner of all urban land area). The bridge was completed in May of 1997 and in 1999 the apartments buildings were also ready for residents to move in. But so far all the snail apartment owners have not got property ownership certificate.

The bridge is part of a key transportation route and thus the traffic is not only heavy, but also there are many heavy trucks going on the bridge. More than one hundred household family live in the snail buildings. Everyday they have to endure the terrible noise and shaking from the abover overpass. Especially when heavy trucks run on the bridge, their apartment buildings will resonate with the bridge. Although long period of resonance of the snail buildings tuning to the overhead bridge has caused many of the under-bridge buildings to crack, so far not any government organizations have ever evaluated the safety risks of the residents living in the buildings.
Snail apartment,Bridge approach
More than a dozen residential buildings are packed in the room under a bridge approach in Guiyang City of southwest China's Guizhou Province. The under-bridge snail buildings are where more than one hundred househould families live. The safety of the residents has been ignored so far.
Snail apartment,Bridge approach
The residentail buildings under the bridge approach look like the pillars of the overhead road.
Snail apartment,Bridge approach
The gap between the bridge concrete and the roof of the residential buildings is less than 1 meter.
Snail apartment,Bridge approach
The snail buildings look like the pillar of the overhead bridge.
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