A Brief Introduction About Chinese Food Culture

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Unlike some western countries’ food, Chinese foods pay more attention on perfect harmony with the color, flavor, taste and shape.


The history of Chinese food is perpetual in Chinese culture. Chinese food also can be as an art for its extensive connation. Unlike some western countries’ food, Chinese foods pay more attention on perfect harmony with the color, flavor, taste and shape.

First, it should be choose the high quality material for cooking. Then adding proper main ingredient and seasoning.

What’s more, Chinese cooking is not only emphasized its taste but put a high premium on its shape. This must ask cutting skill and plenty of imagination on cookers.

In addition, the foods are mainly hot and cook food. Therefore, food culture have developed many Chinese cuisines which include braising, roasting, sauting, quick-frying, simmering, deep-frying, roasting, steaming, boiling, stewing, smoking, mixing and so on. Different cooking methods will show different taste styles. And each cooking method has variety famous dishes, such as “Beggar Chicken” which is popular for baking with mud.

Due to China is a large country and the different weather, customs of areas, it forms so many styles on foods. Like the staple foods in north are mainly millet, wheat, and sorghum, but in southern China mostly eat rice, the first grain that was farmed in China and should be cooked by boiling it in water, and people like to say “south people like sweet things, north people tend salty, east prefer sour foods and west like spicy.

Chinese people are not only dainty about the food tastes but care about food functions on people health. Maybe it can also be called the health food culture now.

As we all know, Chinese people like eating food with chopsticks which are very difficult for some western people who usually use the spoons and knives as food tools. Chinese people also like to putting the dishes in the centre of the table and eating together to make lively atmosphere. It is very interesting.

Some of delicious foods are recommended here, meat shreds with fish seasoning, chicken cubes with chili peppers, and spicy braised crucian carp are the famous Sichuan dishes, blanched chicken is famous in Guangdong, roast lamb is famous in XinJiang and so on.




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