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China profile

The people's republic of China was founded on October 1, 1949, with Beijing chosed as the national capital. 

Official Name:People's Republic of China; Capital City:Beijing; National Flag:Five-star red flag; National Anthem:March of the Volunteers.

Official Name:People's Republic of China

Capital City:Beijing

National Flag:Five-star red flag, length and width proportion: 3:2.

National Anthem:March of the Volunteers

National Day:October 1

Head of State:President Hu Jintao

Head of the Government:Premier Wen Jiabao

Top Legislature:National people's Congress

Highest Court:Supreme People's Court

Armed Forces:Army, Navy, Air Force (Total number of military personnel 2,470,000 in 1999)

Administrative Divisions:23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4 municipalities directly under the Central Government and 2 special administrative regions

Territory:9.6 million square km

Location:In East Asia, by the west Pacific Ocean.

Time Zone:GMT+8.00

Standard Time: Beijing Time

Population: 1,338,612,968 (July 2010 est.)

Average Life-span:73.47 (2010 est.)

Ethnic Groups:Han, 91.59 of the population

Official Language:Standard Chinese, or Mandarin Chinese

Religion:Officially atheism

Largest City:Shanghai

Public Holidays:New Year Day (January 1), Spring Festival (from the end of January to the middle of February), International Labor Day (May 1) and National Day (October 1)

Currency & Unit:Renminbi (RMB) Yuan; Monetary Unit 1 yuan, consisting of 10 jiao

Exchange Rate:6.7 Yuan=US$1 (September 2010)

Weights & Measures:Metric System

GDP:US$4.909 trillion (2009 est.)

GDP per head:US$3800

Inflation:3.8% (2009)

Taxation:All enterprises pay a 17% tax on profits

Islands:5, 400 islands

Mountains:Among 19 mountains over 7,000 meters high in the world, Mt. Everest with the height of 8,848 meters above the sea level is the highest peak on the earth.

Rivers:The Yangtze River (6,300 km), the third longest in the world; The Yellow River (5,464 km), the second longest in China.

Canyon:The Yalu Tsangpo River Canyon, the world's largest, 504.6 km in length and 6,009 meters in depth.

Lakes:The Poyang Lake, China's largest freshwater lake; the Qinghai Lake, the country's largest salt lake.

Climate:The wide range of weather conditions from the subtropical in the south to the frigid in the north

Rare Animals:Giant Panda, Golden Monkey and White-flag Dolphin

Plants:A great variety of plants due to the wide range of climates and topography

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